6 biggest sins that Randy Orton has committed in his WWE career

Randy Orton has been one of WWE’s top heels for two decades. He has been phenomenal on the mic and in the ring and has been part of some memorable rivalries.

Orton has worked hard to build several of his rivalries over the years. This has taken him to some dark places and has forced him to commit a few sins to get the better of his opponents.

Fans have seen The Viper play with fire, tools, and pyro, among other things, to nearly put an end to his opponents’ careers. Each time, The Legend Killer has added a sick twist to the spot to make it his own.

On that note, here are 6 of the biggest sins Randy Orton has committed in WWE.

#6. Kicked Mick Foley down a flight of stairs

Randy Orton wasn’t afraid of doing some sinister things in the early days of his career. On an episode of WWE RAW, Mick Foley was seen discussing some things with Vince McMahon backstage.

Orton and Ric Flair walked past them, and the latter got into an argument with Foley. The two men fought until The Legend Killer got involved and beat down Foley. He ended the segment by kicking him down a flight of stairs without any remorse.

His sinister actions gave life to one of the most entertaining rivalries of his career. Foley and Orton put on some stellar matches, including an instant classic at Backlash 2004.

#5. Kissed an unconscious Stephanie McMahon in front of her husband
Triple H and Randy Orton had some iconic rivalries in WWE. The two good friends performed their hearts out for the fans every time they competed against each other.

To build their rivalries, both superstars went to the extremes several times. In one instance, Orton handcuffed Triple H to the ropes and dropped Stephanie McMahon unconscious with a Punt Kick.

He threatened to attack HHH with a sledgehammer but instead decided to make things more personal. The voices in his head made him kiss an unconscious Stephanie in front of her husband. It was one of the most sadistically forbidden things The Viper has done on WWE TV.

#4. Punt-Kicked Dusty Rhodes in front of his son

The Punt Kick has become one of the most vicious moves in Randy Orton’s arsenal. Over the years, several top superstars and legends have fallen prey to the deadly maneuver.

Recently, fans have seen Ric Flair, Christian, and Edge on the receiving end of a Punt Kick.

However, early in his career, Orton delivered the move to one of the biggest names the industry has ever produced. Dusty Rhodes returned to help give his son Cody a push in WWE early in his career.

Instead, The Dream became the first legend to be on the receiving end of the move. What made things worse was that The Viper committed the sin in front of Dusty’s son, Cody.

#3. Twisted Jeff Hardy’s ear with a screwdriver

Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy competed in a Hell in a Cell match in 2018. The two men looked to put their bitter rivalry to an end at the premium live event. During the contest, both men used some weapons to gain an advantage.

Orton went one step further and made the WWE Universe cringe by using a screwdriver to twist Jeff Hardy’s earlobe. The Apex Predator nearly ripped off Jeff’s ear with the spot to entertain fans. He won the match after pinning an injured Hardy.

#2. Nearly killed The Undertaker in WWE

The rivalry between The Undertaker and Randy Orton took a darker turn in November 2005. The Viper was dead set on ending The Phenom one way or another.

Orton attacked The Undertaker during one of his matches against The Big Show and loaded him in the back of Eddie Guerrero’s car. He paid no heed to his father’s pleas and reversed the car at full speed and rammed it into the SmackDown stage.

The car exploded, nearly killing The Deadman on the November 29, 2005 episode of the show. He later revealed that he was a bit nervous about the sinister spot but managed to pull it off perfectly.

#1. Punt-Kicked Vince McMahon in 2009

On the January 29, 2009 episode of RAW, Orton appeared in an in-ring segment with Vince McMahon. The WWE Chairman, who rarely gets physical in the ring anymore, was smacked in the face by The Viper.

Orton then delivered a Punt Kick to Vince and laid him out before Stephanie McMahon came out to check on her father and called for help. It was one of the many times Orton has attacked authority figures in the company. The impact of his actions was clear to see, and the fact that he toyed with the idea made it even better.



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