“Floundering in the mid-card till I came into his life” – WWE veteran tears apart Bobby Lashley’s career in epic rant


WWE veteran MVP gave a harsh reality check to his former business partner Bobby Lashley this week.

The former United States Champion joined hands with The All Mighty to form the Hurt Business in 2020. With the addition of Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander, the faction quickly became the most dominant force on the red brand during the Pandemic Era. MVP’s partnership with Lashley also resulted in two WWE Championship reigns for the latter.

Speaking on The Bump this week, MVP claimed that he helped his Hurt Business partner scale new heights and become a two-time WWE Champ. He detailed that the All Mighty was just an upper mid-carder before they formed an alliance and propelled him to the top of the mountain.

Here’s what MVP had to say:

“Throughout my career, everywhere I’ve been, I’ve been a champion. I know how to win. And I’ve shown that with Bobby Lashley, who was floundering in the mid-card till I came into his life and his career. And I unlocked his inner potential to raise him up to the level that he resides at now. Bobby, two-time WWE Champion.”

The veteran promised that he would use the same tactics with Omos to ensure the latter’s success on the main roster.

“Before I came back, he was never that and I will use those same strategies and skills that I have to elevate Omos to that level. Omos is a future WWE Champion and I’m putting the entire WWE Universe on notice,” MVP concluded. (From 31:30 – 32:15)

Despite their popularity among fans, MVP kicked Benjamin and Alexander out of The Hurt Business after they faced repeated defeats. A bigger rift happened when the manager decided to forego his alliance with Lashley after WrestleMania 38 because aligning with Omos seemed like a better business decision.

Bobby Lashley is ready for his rematch with Omos at WrestleMania Backlash

Bobby Lashley recently took to social media to announce that MVP should step back and let Omos take care of things during their rematch at WrestleMania Backlash.

However, the former two-time WWE Champion fell victim to MVP’s distractions on RAW this week. Omos decimated Lashley after the latter came out on top in an-arm wrestling competition between the two behemoths.

It will be interesting to see whether The All Mighty can maintain his spotless record against the Colossus or if Omos gets retribution for his loss at WrestleMania. Let us know your pick for this epic encounter in the comments section below.


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