Vince Russo highlights the biggest difference between WWE and AEW factions

Vince Russo recently shared his thoughts on the biggest difference between the top factions and their bookings in WWE and AEW.

During the latest edition of Writing with Russo, he discussed the idea behind involving top superstars in factions. He spoke about Edge’s new group, Judgment Day, on RAW that currently involves Damian Priest.

Russo recalled how WWE tends to push superstars into factions when they don’t have any solid creative plans for them. However, those decisions have yielded great results in the past. He revealed The Rock’s involvement in The Nation of Denomination, which played a huge role in catapulting his career to new heights.

“The most famous one of all time, and it wasn’t me, it was Bruce Prichard, I remember Bruce Prichard calling me in the office and laying this out for me, and me kind of cocking my head. But at the time, they had nothing really for him, and Bruce told me about putting Rocky in The Nation. Blatantly, bro, it’s because they didn’t know what to do with him.”

Russo drew other examples and said: “Same thing with JBL. JBL wasn’t really doing anything, Ron Simmons, Mideon. At the time these guys weren’t really doing anything. Here’s the beauty of that, though, Chris… When a talent knows they’re kinda floundering a little bit and then you give them something like this, it kinda gives them a new life because they’re just glad to be on TV.” [4:05-5:07]

Vince Russo noted that AEW chose to push its top superstars into groups because there is a lot of talent and there isn’t enough time to book most of them individually.

Edge sets his sights on AJ Styles on WWE RAW

Edge turned heel on the road to WrestleMania 38 and decided to go after AJ Styles on the red brand. The two superstars faced each other at The Show of Shows in a dream match that ended with The Rated-R Superstar picking up a victory.

Since then, The Phenomenal One has spent his Monday nights attempting to attack Edge, but the latter has been a step ahead.

The Hall of Famer has also recruited Damian Priest as part of his Judgment Day faction on WWE RAW. Latest reports have suggested that Rhea Ripley could be a part of Edge’s group on the show.


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