Randy Orton shares details of WWE wanting to break up RK-Bro

WWE has many talented tag teams on its roster, but none are as over at the moment as RK-Bro! Randy Orton and Riddle’s highly-entertaining alliance is expected to end someday, and WWE very nearly pulled the trigger on the split recently, as revealed by Randy Orton.

The Viper was in attendance at WWE’s UK presser with his tag team partner, and Orton stated that the creative team wanted to break up RK-Bro a few months back.

Convincing company officials wasn’t a challenging task as Orton and Riddle spoke to people backstage about preserving their on-screen act. Here’s what Orton revealed, via Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT:

“Randy Orton says WWE wanted to break RKBro up months ago, but they talked them into keeping them together for now. “It wasn’t too hard to convince them.”

Randy Orton credits Riddle for revitalizing his WWE career

RK-Bro was never supposed to last this long, as reports suggested WWE initially wanted Orton to turn on Riddle. The promotion thankfully made the right call to keep Orton and Riddle together, resulting in Randy having one of his most enjoyable runs on TV.

During a recent appearance on The Bump, Randy Orton spoke highly of Riddle and believed that the former NXT star was responsible for making him a better performer.

“Riddle has kind of revitalized my career, so to speak, as far as how I feel in that ring. He’s unlocked the amount of fun that I can have in that ring. I think that before Riddle, no matter how you considered me as a performer, there was something missing that is there now that wasn’t there before. And what exactly is it, I don’t know, but I know that it’s a direct result of partnering with Riddle.” [01:31 onwards] H/T Sportskeeda Wrestling


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