Roman Reigns reacts after back-to-back wins against former WWE Champion

Roman Reigns reacted after defeating Drew McIntyre at two back-to-back WWE live events.

Roman Reigns is currently the most dominant entity in all of WWE. He holds the top WWE titles and recently completed 600 days with the Universal Championship.

WWE is currently on a tour of Europe, holding live events in major cities. The Tribal Chief took on McIntyre at the WWE London live event and managed to put down The Scottish Warrior to retain his titles. He then had another title match against McIntyre at the WWE Paris live event, where he stood victorious again.

Reigns took to Twitter soon after and made a bold statement about his title reign. He dubbed himself “The Last Needle Mover” in his tweet. He also called himself the “World Traveling Undisputed Champion.”

Roman Reigns branded himself “The Needle Mover” last year

At last year’s SummerSlam, Reigns took on WWE legend John Cena in a Universal title match. The bout ended with Reigns pinning Cena and retaining his title. WWE later revealed that SummerSlam was the highest-grossing event in history.

Reigns responded to WWE’s tweet and called his SummerSlam performance “legitimate needle-moving.”

WWE capitalized on Reigns’ comments and put a new Reigns “Needle Mover” T-shirt for sale on its official online shop. The merch has been doing quite well on WWE Shop ever since it came out.

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show last year, Reigns heaped major praise on himself while taking a shot at Cena:

“There’s a lot of good things John Cena’s done. Obviously, Make-a-Wish, very charitable, but when it comes to sports entertainment, he’s levels below me in this game. Entertainment is storytelling, right? I’m the greatest storyteller of our generation and he’s a big name, he’s a big star, he’s a movie star now, but he, like so many other greats, they camouflage themselves, they disguise themselves. You see me every Friday night.”

Roman Reigns has put down a long list of top names over the past two years. Fans wonder who’ll be the one to finally dethrone The Tribal Chief.

Do you think that Roman Reigns is “The Last Needle Mover?” Have you been impressed by his dominant title reign so far?

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