Mick Foley shares his honest thoughts on being left out from The Undertaker’s WWE Hall of Fame speech


During his Hall of Famer Speech last month, The Undertaker named a number of WWE stars he worked with during his time in the company. However, one notable omission that was brought up by many fans, including his own daughter, was Mick Foley. Nonetheless, it doesn’t seem like Foley took it personally. He recently cleared the air by stating that he wasn’t hurt by the lack of a mention.

In The Deadman’s Hall of Fame speech, he thanked various people who helped him during his career, both on and off the screen. The Phenom became the second person in history to be inducted into the Hall of Fame by Vince McMahon, with the first being Steve Austin in 2009.

Speaking on the In the Kliq podcast, Mick Foley touched upon a number of subjects, including The Undertaker being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Here’s what the legend had to say about being left out of The Deadman’s speech:

“Well, listen, I forgot to mention my wife during my speech, so I’m not one to lecture anybody about who they should and should not include in their speech,” Foley joked. “I was not there in those formative years and his [speech] was more about friendship and support. We had a great rivalry, but he didn’t mention Rock or Austin, and he and Austin had some classics as well. So if I’m not hurt, no one can be hurt on behalf of me.” [H/t The Wrestling Observer/F4W]

The Undertaker and Mick Foley had one of the most memorable rivalries in WWE history

While The Deadman may have been a part of many defining moments in his long and illustrious career in WWE, one incident still seems to stand out in many fans’ memories.

The Phenom took on Mankind in a Hell in a Cell match at the King of the Ring 1998 pay-per-view. To this day, the stipulation bout is primarily remembered for the time The Undertaker threw Foley off the top of the structure, sending him crashing through the broadcast table.

The match didn’t end there, however, as Foley refused to be taken to the back. He then scaled the cell, only to be chokeslammed through the top of the cage.

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