WATCH: Highs and Lows of The Rock

The Rock is currently one of the most famous personalities in the world. His charisma has endeared him to fans of all ages since his debut in WWE and helped him climb the ladder of superstardom.

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However, the Great One’s career has not been without its ups and downs, and he, too, has experienced some low points. Watch the video to recall some of his pro-wrestling journey’s highest and lowest moments.

These are some of the defining highs and lows of The Rock’s career

The five moments we have chosen from The Brahma Bull’s illustrious career are:

Getting arrested on TV

Die Rocky, Die

The People’s Pioneer

Royal Rumble victory

The third time’s a charm

Watch the video to recall how these moments affected the course of his career and WWE. Comment and let us know if you think there is anyone who can ever match the charisma of The People’s Champ.

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