WWE SmackDown: 3 Potential non-title feuds for Lacey Evans

For the last 5 weeks, WWE has showcased Lacey Evans in emotional and impactful backstage segments. These intimately narrated clips depict Evans’ tough upbringing, her journey to WWE, and her desire to be a SmackDown Women’s Champion.

On the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Lacey Evans made her return to live TV. WWE fans in Uniondale, NY giving Evans a warm welcome.

Lacey Evans will certainly play a central role in a future women’s championship match and the former US Marine will have to compete in other feuds on SmackDown as well. With that said, let’s take a look at 3 non-title feuds for Lacey Evans on the blue brand.


The former protector Xia Li could take on Lacey Evans

When Lacey Evans finally returns to in-ring action, she will find herself running into more than a few women who are looking to make a name for themselves. One of those superstars could be Xia Li.

Xia Li, despite making a strong debut following the WWE draft, has only had one TV match since being called up to the main roster; a pinfall victory over Natalya in February. Following her victory, Li wasn’t seen on WWE TV for several weeks. She finally appeared on the April 22nd edition of SmackDown, turning into a heel.

With this massive shift from her original “Protector” gimmick, this opens up the door for Evans. WWE could easily create a story of Lacey Evans taking exception to Xia Li’s claim that there is “no one worth protecting”. Especially with Evans’ personal background of being a protector and leader of her family, as well as a US Marine.

Evans could instead suggest, like others in her life, Li has gone back on her word to protect those in need. Proclaiming that it’s now her responsibility to protect SmackDown from Xia Li herself.

Latest NXT call up Raquel Rodriguez vs Lacey Evans

Raquel Rodriguez also fits the bill for the recently called up NXT standout looking for an opportunity to stake their claim on SmackDown.

The former NXT Women’s Champion has had one match since debuting on SmackDown in early-April, defeating Cat Cardoza in a squash match. WWE has since been bidding their time with Rodriguez, a talent they know can easily lead the brand; as she did in NXT.

Lacey Evans presents an opportunity for Rodriguez to work with an experienced main roster competitor, as well as someone who matches up to her physical prowess.

Even with Rodriguez clearing Evans by several inches, Evans can match Rodriguez’s strength and intensity in the ring. A feud between the two powerhouses would be a treat for WWE fans.

Former Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks, would be a great opponent for Lacey Evans

While squaring off against young guns is fun, a feud with an established WWE star would truly set Lacey Evans up for success on SmackDown, who would be better than the boss of WWE, and the current one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Sasha Banks.

While Evans and Banks have crossed paths in the past, they never had the opportunity to have a proper feud. Evans currently holds a 2-0 record over Banks in one-on-one matches.

While their history alone could be created for an interesting storyline, the clash of styles between Banks and Evans has the potential for some great in-ring chemistry.

With Sasha Banks’ selling abilities, and the former Sassy Southern Belle’s powerhouse style, Banks could make Evans look like a million bucks. Regardless of who wins.

What do YOU think of these ideas for feuds? Are there any other SmackDown who superstars you would like to see Lacey Evans face? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comment section below!


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