5 greatest three-person stables in WWE history

WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, housing some of the best talents in the business. Their playground pits elite superstars against each other for bragging rights and championships.

In addition to singles competition, WWE loves faction warfare. We have seen some iconic stables grace the ring and establish themselves in the industry throughout the company’s history. From Evolution to D-Generation X, fans have been spoiled with the best teams in the business.

While these legendary factions come in all shapes and sizes, we will be focusing on trios here in this edition. While there may be more trios in the storied history of WWE, we will talk about only five of the best three-person factions. What’s that saying about good things coming in threes?

#5. On our list of the best WWE trios: Team Xtreme

The Hardy Boyz and Lita joined forces to form a formidable team

The Hardy Boyz are one of the most iconic teams not only in WWE history but in pro wrestling folklore. They have dominated every era of tag team competition they have been a part of and won multiple championships.

With the addition of Lita to their ranks, the team started going by the name Team Xtreme. This was a nod to their extremely risky and offensive in-ring style, as well as their preference for throwing caution to the wind come what may.

Jeff, Matt, and Lita endeared themselves to fans and established themselves as one of wrestling’s greatest trios. They competed in some iconic matches during their time together, including the legendary TLC matches against The Dudley Boyz, Edge, and Christian.

#4. The Wyatt Family
Over the years, The Wyatt Family has had three to four members in its ranks. However, their most famous version was Bray Wyatt leading two other fireflies into the light. He, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan were the original members. In addition to them, Daniel Bryan, Braun Strowman, and Randy Orton have all been members at various times.

The Wyatts ran roughshod over the roster during their time together. The team terrorized other superstars and scored victories over many big names. They were a force to be reckoned with throughout their run.

From having fireflies in the audience to delivering cryptic promos, there was no telling what they would do. They made for an unpredictable and exciting part of weekly programming when they were together and are fondly remembered by the WWE Universe.

#3. nWo

The pro wrestling business changed when Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash founded the New World Order (nWo). It is one of the most iconic factions in wrestling history, transcending the industry and crossing into mainstream territory.

Hogan, Hall, and Nash reigned over WCW and became one of the greatest trios of all time. Their alliance also helped the promotion challenge WWE’s rating supremacy during the Monday Night Wars. Their legacy lies in changing wrestling and making it a more mature and adult-themed product.

#2. The New Day

When Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E banded together as a positivity-spreading team, no one foresaw the kind of success they would achieve. Against all the odds, The New Day became one of the most popular factions in wrestling history.

Kingston, Woods, and E (along with Francesca the Trombone) shattered records and won countless championships. They started as heels, but their immense popularity forced WWE to turn them face. They were able to achieve legendary status with a gimmick that none initially took seriously, making them an all-time great team.

Even to this day, The New Day is going strong. Their longevity and success make them among the greatest factions to have graced a WWE ring.

#1. The Shield

Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta, SHIELD.

When Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins arrived at Survivor Series 2012, no one could have foreseen the kind of impact they would have. Together as The Shield, they dominated WWE and established themselves as arguably the greatest trio in wrestling history.

No faction in modern wrestling history has risen to dizzying heights of popularity like The Shield. They have split quite a few times over the years, but the reactions to their reunions have always been tremendous. In their time together, they have won multiple championships, but perhaps their legacy lies in creating three bonafide main-event stars who became the faces of the company.

Ambrose left WWE in 2019, leaving only Reigns and Rollins in the company as the remnants of The Hounds of Justice. However, they are still as popular as ever, and fans are holding out on the hope that they might see a reunion somewhere down the line.

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