Wrestling world goes wild as Alexa Bliss returns to WWE RAW

After an extended hiatus from WWE, we saw Alexa Bliss make her long-awaited return this week on Monday Night RAW after WrestleMania Backlash.

The wrestling world has been waiting for Little Miss Bliss to grace them with her presence. The former women’s champion has been absent since Elimination Chamber 2022. Fans were left wondering why she had taken another leave after returning from a break before the premium live event.

During the break, we saw Bliss getting married to her long-time partner, singer Ryan Cabrera, on April 9. With the festivities out of the way, the Five Feet of Fury has returned to RAW with a newly remixed version of her old Spiteful theme song, past gimmick, and Lilly the doll.

Adam Pearce announced her arrival as the opponent for Sonya Deville. Fans saw Bliss make quick work of the latter, pinning her in a short match. After the loss, The Pride Fighter is now stripped of her authoritative powers and is back to being an in-ring performer.

The wrestling world was quite happy to see Bliss return with her past gimmick, although some were confused because she still had Lilly the doll in her hands.

Check out some of the reactions below:

Why did Alexa Bliss return with Lilly the Doll?

There’s no doubt that the WWE universe sorely missed Alexa Bliss in her absence. As we mentioned earlier, she returned in her past Goddess gimmick but with a bit of a twist in the mix.

We saw Bliss return to a twisted remix of her Spiteful theme, which could be combined with her previous theme song, The Fury. The former women’s champion also returned with Lilly the Doll, as it seems she hasn’t completely shed the supernatural roots of her sinister gimmick.

It feels like we’ll be getting a layered version of her past gimmicks combined into one to make her even more dangerous than before. However, this version could resemble Bray Wyatt/The Fiend more than before, bringing back some more supernatural elements.

We’ll have to wait and see how Alexa Bliss’s new story and character eventually play out. Fans will have to tune in to WWE to know how The Goddess’s storyline pans out.

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