Booker T says WWE RAW star should dethrone Roman Reigns rather than Drew McIntyre

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns should be dethroned by Cody Rhodes rather than Drew McIntyre, according to Booker T.

Reigns is the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, holding both the WWE Championship and Universal Championship. Reigns and The Usos were recently in a feud with RK-Bro and McIntyre and were involved in a six-man tag team match at WrestleMania Backlash. Drew will likely have a singles match with Reigns in the future considering the recent development.


On the latest Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T was asked by a fan who should dethrone Roman Reigns – Cody Rhodes or Drew McIntyre. The former WCW World Champion feels that The American Nightmare has the momentum, which is why he should win the title from The Tribal Chief.

“I got to go with Cody Rhodes. Drew McIntyre, like I said on the kickoff show, being a part of this six-man (tag team match) with RK-Bro, keeping himself real close to the body, making sure he stay close to the championship, it’s good for Drew McIntyre, letting everybody know, ‘I’m not far from the picture.’ “

He continued to praise The American Nightmare’s recent body of work:

“But, the guy that’s got the hot hand, the guy that’s got the rocket on him is Cody Rhodes and I say, ‘Man, you run with that man until it cool off.’ I don’t think that’s going to be for quite some time because Cody is going out, he’s had the best partner – I should say that as well, working with Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes is going out there and really doing some, really, really quality work. Not that Drew McIntyre can’t go out there and do that as well, but the story right now is totally on Cody Rhodes,” said Booker T. (From 1:20:00 to 1:21:02)

McIntyre and Reigns last faced each other in a singles match way back in 2020 at the Survivor Series show, while Roman hasn’t faced Cody in a singles match.

Roman Reigns to have a relaxed schedule in WWE?

A recent report has revealed that Reigns is not advertised for several WWE shows in July and August, which could suggest that The Tribal Chief may take a break.

This ties in with a recent promo that Reigns cut at a live event, where The Bloodline leader hinted that he might be going away for a little while to pursue other avenues.

The SmackDown Superstar signed a new contract recently with the company, where he may have fewer house shows to work in. It will be interesting to see if the Head of the Table indeed makes sporadic appearances moving forward.

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What are your thoughts on Cody challenging Roman for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship?

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