Rumored talk on Edge’s Judgment Day faction getting a fourth member

WWE is steadily building Edge’s new stable into a credible threat on RAW. In recent weeks, Rhea Ripley & Damian Priest have been unveiled as its members.

WWE writers, however, might not be done just yet as there have been backstage talks regarding including a fourth member for Judgment Day.

While the identity of the rumored addition has not been revealed, PWInsider reported that WWE officials had discussed the possibility of further expanding the Rated-R Superstar’s faction.

“There’s been talk of adding a fourth member to Edge’s Judgment Day faction,” noted PWInsider’s Mike Johnson.

What did Edge’s Judgment Day stable do on the RAW after WrestleMania Backlash?

WWE took a big step with Judgment Day’s booking at WrestleMania Backlash when Rhea Ripley helped the Hall of Famer win over AJ Styles. Ripley’s inclusion in the group did not surprise many fans, as rumors of the plan had already circulated on the internet over the past few days.

The dark trio appeared on this week’s RAW and sent a huge message to the entire roster by explaining their motivations for allying. Edge even sported a new haircut as he and his stablemates promised to punish their detractors.

The promos were followed by a singles match between Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan, with Rhea predictably winning against her former tag team partner. Damian Priest was in action up next as he faced Finn Balor in a match that ended in a disqualification win for the babyface.

Judgment Day had the last laugh on RAW when they laid out Styles and Balor to end the post-match segment.

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