WWE personality helped Roman Reigns in choosing his in-ring name

Corey Graves has revealed that he aided Roman Reigns in how his character’s name should be spelled when he first started out in the company.

Before his stardom rose to the meteoric heights of today, Reigns began his wrestling journey in 2010. He set out to become the next big star to come from a long line of iconic Samoan professional wrestlers.

During a recent interview with WrestleTalk, the WWE commentator stated how he advised Roman with the spelling of his character’s name. This would even lead to The Tribal Chief occasionally crediting Graves about it on-air:

“I won’t say I named Roman Reigns, but I did suggest that he spells his last name the way he does. He’s actually acknowledged it a few times, which I thought was really cool. That’s my little contribution to ‘The Head Of The Table’,” said Graves. (H/T WrestleTalk)

Corey Graves on Roman Reigns being himself on screen

For many years, the WWE Universe simply could not connect with Roman. The higher ups of the company seemed to be forcing him down fans’ throats as the next big thing.

However, recently, the company seems to have finally realized what they have in Reigns. He has been given the freedom to have a more aggressive attitude as a performer, which has led to The Tribal Chief becoming more popular than ever.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Corey Graves proclaimed that this version of Roman is one that many in WWE have known for years.

This IS Roman Reigns. This is the guy that we’ve all known and loved…or despised, for years. Roman believes this stuff that he says.” Graves added: “I genuinely enjoy the hell out of it, because I have the utmost respect for the entire Anoa’i family. To see that kind of play out on screen and for the whole world to get to know that legacy is legitimate? [It’s great] knowing it’s not some storyline that was drawn up in a writers room.”

With the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship over his shoulders and with his cousins The Usos and Paul Heyman by his side, there seems to be an impenetrable forcefield surrounding the Tribal Chief at the moment. There seems to be no signs of all of this going away any time soon either.


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