WWE teases the split of RK-Bro on RAW, hints who among Randy Orton or Riddle could turn heel

RAW Tag Team Champions Randy Orton and Riddle, aka RK-Bro, have been one of the best things on WWE television over the last year. However, WWE might have started hinting at their breakup.

RK-Bro kicked off this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, where they were interrupted by The Street Profits, leading to an impromptu title match. While the champs retained their titles successfully, there was a hint of issues brewing between Orton and Riddle


Riddle accidentally hit Randy Orton instead of Montez Ford with his dive off the ring apron during the match. Corey Graves highlighted this in the commentary as a “rare miscommunication” that could have cost RK-Bro the match and their titles. WWE is known for using such terminologies ahead of the split of a tag team.

Later on RAW Talk, Orton jokingly complained that Riddle was stealing his “thunder” by hitting super RKOs. The Viper believed he might have The Original Bro go back to using his original finisher, The Bro Derek, because he wanted to keep the RKO to himself.

“You hitting a couple super RKO’s in the last week or so, like you’re blowing my mind bro. I might have to have you go back to the Bro Derek because you’re gonna steal my thunder. They wanna see me hit the RKO out of nowhere. Bro I got 10 more years of this stuff. I gotta keep that RKO mine,” said Randy Orton. (H/T WrestlingNews Co.)

Randy Orton recently revealed details of WWE wanting to break up RK-Bro

Orton and Riddle started teaming up after WrestleMania 37 last year. Truth be told, no one ever expected these two to become a tag team, but WWE hit gold with their pairing as the two have great chemistry between them.

It has been over a year now, and RK-Bro is still together. However, Orton recently revealed during WWE’s UK presser that the creative wanted to break up RK-Bro months ago. However, they talked them out of it.

“Randy Orton says WWE wanted to break RKBro up months ago, but they talked them into keeping them together for now. ‘It wasn’t too hard to convince them,'” tweeted Alex McCarthy while covering the presser.

Randy Orton and Riddle were initially set to compete in a title unification match against SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos at WrestleMania Backlash 2022. However, the match was changed to a six-man tag team match with the addition of Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns. The babyface trio of RKMcBro lost to The Bloodline in the main event.


This past week on Monday Night RAW, RK-Bro claimed that they still want the Tag Team Championship Unification match and will show up on the upcoming SmackDown to demand the same from The Bloodline.

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