80s And 90s WWE Celebrities And Their Son | You Don’t Know

Then there are others in the WWE Hall of Fame, not yet in the Hall of Fame, or maybe, in some cases, hardly likely to get inducted at all, who have kids we never realized were, or still are, part of the wrestling industry.

Sometimes it’s because they used different names in the ring, or sometimes it’s because their involvement in wrestling was extremely low-profile. Now, we’ve listed 10 of these wrestling kids—as well as their (usually) far more famous parents who spent some time in WWE—as we look back at some examples of multiple generations in the world of professional wrestling.

Although fans of WWE during its Ruthless Aggression Era will most likely recognize Jesse as the current Luke Gallows’ tag team partner when the latter was still known as Festus, or maybe even for his later repackaging as Slam Master J, it may be a bit of surprise for some to find out that the goofy mid-carder is actually the son of a Fabulous Freebird.

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