4 potential challengers for Ronda Rousey at Hell in a Cell


Now that Ronda Rousey has finally conquered Charlotte Flair, it is time for a brand new challenger to take on the Smackdown Women’s Champion at Hell in a Cell.

The 35-year-old’s WWE return hasn’t seen the fan reaction that many would have hoped for, and the feud with Charlotte has many divided. So it’s vital that whoever is chosen to take on the former UFC star next is a home run.

The best way to get fans invested in the champion is to give her an entertaining rivalry to sink her teeth into, and on that note, here are four possible challengers for Ronda Rousey at Hell in a Cell.

#4 Xia Li could take on Rousey at Hell in a Cell

After debuting on WWE’s main roster late last year, Xia Li has had very little to do on television since.

The former Protector has had no real storylines to take part in, but recently turned heel on an episode of Smackdown. The turn hasn’t really given her much else to do so far. So now would be the perfect time to establish her presence as a solid member of the Smackdown Women’s Division by having her face Rousey.

As a villain, she would help solidify Ronda’s status as a face, and maybe even help keep fans on the champion’s side. Li is a talented wrestler who hasn’t been given the right opportunity on Smackdown since she arrived in December, and this is an ideal way of giving her a proper chance to show audiences what she can do.

#3 Natalya could bring the best out of Rousey

As a staple of WWE’s women’s division for over a decade, Natalya is an ideal choice to take on Rousey at Hell in a Cell and solidify her role as a heroic champion.

The former champion has been there and done it all in WWE, and the two already have pre-existing history since Ronda’s first run in the company.

Initially established as friends, the two were close allies on television for quite some time. They would eventually end up facing off in a match for the Raw Women’s Championship, but Natalya was unsuccessful in the bout.

Having the veteran come back for revenge on her former friend after that initial title loss would instantly lay the foundations for an interesting story.

#2 Raquel Rodriguez has already shown she can go toe to toe with Ronda

Having recently made her in-ring debut on Smackdown, Raquel Rodriguez was instantly portrayed as a real threat to the champion.

Answering the champion’s open challenge, the former NXT star put on a hell of a performance. Although she came out on the losing end, it was Rodriguez who fans were talking about after the bout.

It appears WWE are intent on pushing the 31-year-old as a huge star on the main roster, and what better way to do that than to have her feud with the biggest star in the women’s division.

Sure, they have already wrestled each other very recently, but the WWE Universe would love a rematch, and this would be a great feud for both women.

#1 Shayna Baszler’s real life ties with Rousey make for a great feud

Aside from a brief alliance in this year’s Royal Rumble match, WWE are yet to properly utilize the well-documented friendship between Rousey and Shayna Baszler on television.

The pair’s close relationship sets up what could prove to be a deep, personal feud and one worthy of a match inside Hell in a Cell.

Baszler’s time on the main roster has been disappointing in comparison to her dominating run in NXT. A feud opposite one of her long-time close friends would help elavate her into the star she once was.

The feud would help establish both Ronda as a heroic face, while also returning Baszler to her roots as a sadistic and violent villain, ensuring both women would come out of the rivalry better because of it.

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