West Ham United plays Triple H’s theme at half-time against Manchester City


Triple H is a huge fan of Premier League club West Ham United, with them frequently blasting “Time to Play the Game” before the second half of their matches at the London Stadium. Yesterday’s game against Manchester City being the most recent instance.

The Game, announced his in-ring retirement due to his heart condition on March 24, is widely popular for his iconic theme song and grand WrestleMania entrances. The song, by Motorhead, is a perfect match with his intimidating walk down the ramp and the spitting of the water into the air that follows. Although the King of Kings is now retired as a wrestler, his illustrious career, including his theme song, will be cherished by viewers forever.

The match ended 2-2, with West Ham securing a spot in the league’s top seven. As far as City are concerned, it was a big blow for Pep Guardiola’s men in the title race against Liverpool.

Arsenal have also played the theme once before, with The Gunners using different WWE entrance themes for half-time in several games at the Emirates Stadium.

Boston Celtics played Triple H’s theme ahead of semi-final win

Football is not the only sport that has featured the superstar’s iconic theme song. Basketball team the Boston Celtics played Triple H’s theme song ahead of their game.

The Boston Celtics won the Eastern Conference semi-final against the Milwaukee Bucks today. Before kick-off, The King of Kings theme was played in the background, to set the mood for the crucial encounter. This is not the first time NBA and WWE have come together as high-profile names such as Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James have been spotted in some capacity on RAW previously.

Is the Cerebral Assassin entrance theme the best ever in WWE? Sound off below!


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