Kevin Owens rocks “Sami Zayn Forever” t-shirt on WWE RAW

During this week’s episode of RAW, WWE Superstar Kevin Owens was seen sporting a black t-shirt with the words “Sami Zayn Forever” written across the front.

Owens and Zayn might not be working on the same brand, but the two real-life best friends rarely miss an opportunity to support each other. KO is currently involved in a feud with Ezekiel on RAW, and the storyline has repeatedly featured several entertaining segments.

He continued wearing the same shirt while commentating on Ezekiel’s match against Chad Gable on RAW. WWE fans were quick to notice the supportive message for Zayn and loved the gesture.

Owens was keen on proving the “truth” about Ezekiel being Elias and was relying on the DNA test results conducted by Gable on RAW. However, they were compromised due to traces of barbeque sauce traced back to Otis.

Ezekiel put on another dominant performance, defeating Otis with Owens on commentary. KO even tried to attack Ezekiel after the match, but the latter managed to escape.

Fans have enjoyed this storyline that has been surprisingly entertaining on the red brand over the last few weeks.

Sami Zayn’s self-appointed role on WWE SmackDown

Over the last few weeks, Zayn has wholeheartedly “acknowledged” Roman Reigns as his Tribal Chief. He has even declared himself a spokesperson for The Bloodline.

Last week on WWE SmackDown, he put his foot in his mouth by accepting a high-stakes match against RK-Bro’s Riddle. The latter won the match, but Zayn managed to get out of the tricky situation by sorting things out with Roman Reigns and The Usos, whom he believes to be his allies on the blue brand.

It is worth noting that both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are playing top heels on RAW and SmackDown, respectively. Despite their television personas, the two superstars have not shied away from showing their support for each other on and off-screen.

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