”Nothing Is Gonna Hurt The Rock” – WWE Veteran Gives His Verdict On The Rock Vs Roman Reigns Match

According to Jim Cornette, WWE veteran The Rock may agree to face Roman Reigns if The Tribal Chief is to win the match. The first-ever WWE match between The Rock and Roman Reigns is reported to be the main event of next year’s WrestleMania show. The People’s Champion hasn’t been seen since a SmackDown appearance in 2019.

The Rock would only agree to a match with Reigns provided the creative had The Head of the Table win the match, according to Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru show. Vince McMahon, he believes, may want The Rock to win the match, which may be his final in WWE.

Jim Cornette on if The Rock will agree to face Roman Reigns

“Well if the if the belt ain’t on the line, I was going to say, because Roman obviously needs to win the thing but will they do that or will they, if they get The Rock, even if The Rock says Roman needs to win, will they will they send the fans home without seeing The Rock win on his last match ever probably?” said Cornette.

“One of these sharp writers and/or manipulators could probably sell anybody even Roman Reigns on that as making some kind of sense but Rock would know it was bulls*it from the start and I can’t see The Rock agreeing to do the match unless Roman goes over because Rock doesn’t need it, but Roman (it) would hurt. Nothing’s going gonna hurt The Rock but it would hurt Roman so I can’t see Rock doing it unless Roman wins and I honestly can’t see Vince doing the match unless Rock wins,” he added.

The Brahma Bull and Roman Reigns have hinted at facing each other

It’s no secret that The Rock and Reigns are planning a match, which might be the main event of WrestleMania 39, which will take place in Hollywood.

It was also hinted on The Rock’s TV show Young Rock, when a young Reigns requests to face The People’s Champ, who replies that a match between the two can only happen at WrestleMania.

With nearly 600 days under his belt, Reigns is the unified global champion and the longest-reigning Universal Champion in the title’s history.

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