Popular star hints he’s Roman Reigns’ next challenger

Xavier Woods has sent a tweet hinting that he will be Roman Reigns’ next challenger on WWE SmackDown.

Roman Reigns has put down some of the biggest names on WWE TV over the past two years. Reigns has stated in the past that there’s no one left for him to conquer. It looks like a certain WWE Superstar disagrees with this statement.

The New Day’s Xavier Woods recently put out a tweet featuring a clip of Reigns defeating top names like John Cena and Brock Lesnar. Reigns’ statement, “There ain’t nobody next” was also played multiple times during the clip.

The final moments of the clip showed a throwback visual from the time Woods came quite close to pinning The Tribal Chief. Before he could pin Reigns, The Usos interfered and began beating him down, leading to a DQ win for him. Check out the clip below:

Roman Reigns almost lost to Xavier Woods last November

Reigns and Woods faced off in a singles match on the November 12, 2021 episode of WWE SmackDown. The hard-fought battle was heavily praised by the WWE Universe. If it hadn’t been for The Usos’ interference, it’s highly likely that Reigns wouldn’t have gotten up during the three-count.

“It’s been a blast getting that spotlight and going out and talk a little bit more and wrestle a little bit more because this is my life. This is what I do, this is what I enjoy. And to be in a position where I can really start to show off the the things not only that I can do but also that I’ve learned over the years from being a part of the company is really cool,” said Woods. [H/T Bleacher Report]

Xavier Woods is one of the most popular stars in WWE today. Reigns, on the other hand, has reached a level that very few have in the past. It would certainly be interesting to see a short-lived feud between these two men in the near future.


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