5 WWE Superstars and their Disney Princess alter-egos

WWE Superstars are larger-than-life characters who help bring unbelievable stories to our screens on a regular basis. In many ways, they are superheroes for younger fans, who stare open-mouthed as Roman Reigns hits the Superman Punch or when Randy Orton strikes with an RKO.

These characters are almost difficult to relate to in real life. However, they can be compared to other fictional characters who also have the same effect on us. In the animated Wonderland of Disney, for generations, princesses have been influencing children and holding them spellbound. These Disney Princesses are as influential and sometimes as powerful as some WWE stars we see regularly.

Here, let’s take a look at some of the top WWE stars and their Disney Princess alter-egos. It should be noted that these comparisons have nothing to do with the superstars’ or princesses’ ethnicities and are based on their abilities and personalities.

#1. Merida from Brave and Becky Lynch

Straight off, it’s impossible not to mention one of the most obvious comparisons on this list. Putting aside their fiery red hair, the two share traits which are impossible to ignore. Merida from Brave displays enormous courage and willingness to stand up as the “man” of the family if needed.

She hated that she was being forced into a marriage and wanted to show how capable she was on her own. Sure, she might have turned her mother into a bear accidentally, and Becky Lynch has not done that yet— not that we know of. But the incredible courage she shows in saving her mother, defeating Mor’du, and showing character development throughout the film is something that would remind any fan of Lynch.

Lynch has always been more than ready to step up to anyone who faces her. She has not shown any fear and has defeated almost every challenge she has come across. Even the nickname she had of “The Man” fits the comparison.

#2 Mulan and The Rock

Although The Rock played Maui in Moana, there are very few characters who suit him as well as Mulan.

Mulan was expected to honor her family’s legacy and marry a suitor of their choice. She chose not to, broke away from them completely, and became a warrior. She found her true identity and became the strongest she could be when she accepted her new reality.

When he debuted, The Rock was told to “die” by a rabid WWE audience. He changed his gimmick from Rocky Maivia to the most electrifying superstar in sports entertainment and stole the hearts of millions around the globe. He continues his dominance in Hollywood today while starring in some massive films. Only by abandoning the simple character he was expected to portray did he become the legend that he is today.

#3. Jasmine from Aladdin and Charlotte Flair
Both Jasmine and Charlotte Flair were born with silver spoons in their mouths. However, both were not content with their birthright.

Jasmine broke the mold of the typical princess mould to sit and do nothing, joining Aladdin on most of his adventures instead. She earned the title of princess and did everything to help her kingdom.

Charlotte might have been born to The Nature Boy but has not flourished because of the Flair name. Instead of living in her father’s shadow, The Queen has established her legacy and is currently the most decorated woman in WWE.

The pattern is impossible to ignore.

#4. Moana and Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes left WWE and went to find himself outside when he was forced to be something he was not. When he finally did and achieved what he could out there, he returned and is now a top star. His homecoming was extremely warm as he was welcomed back into WWE.

This is shockingly similar to Moana’s story. As the daughter of Motunui’s chief, she was forced to hold back her genuine love for the ocean until she went out there and discovered herself. She showed that she could survive out there and do many things. When she returned, she became the chief and the Wayfinder of her tribe.

The two are more similar than one could imagine.

#5. Elsa from Frozen and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns

When WWE fans see The Tribal Chief, the last thing they think of is Elsa from Frozen. However, the two are very similar.

Reigns, over his career, has struggled to maintain a babyface persona for the fans. They hated him for it and let him know. He was repressed, and it was only after he finally let go and showcased who he indeed was that he came to his full power.

The current heel iteration of Roman Reigns is almost impossible to defeat.

In many ways, this is the same as Elsa. She struggled to repress her powers before she finally “let it go.” It took a while for her to accept herself in this new form, but when she did, much like Reigns, she looked after what mattered the most in her life — family.

While it’s hard to imagine Roman Reigns swinging his hair and walking down a frosty castle singing that no one can hold him back anymore, it’s also not inconceivable for some odd reason

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