“A little extreme” – Bron Breakker details the thought process behind his on-screen WWE character

WWE Superstar Bron Breakker detailed how much of his real self is portrayed in his on-screen character.

The former NFL player has been on a rapid rise since making his NXT 2.0 debut last year. Breakker has been presented as an unstoppable force in WWE and has lost just two singles matches during his time on the developmental brand.

Speaking about his character on the latest Out of Character podcast, Bron revealed that his on-screen gimmick is very similar to his personality in real life:

“Depends. I mean, that is me. It may be ramped up to 10 at times, a little extreme at times, but that’s how I normally am, that’s who I am,” said Breakker. (from 1:28 to 1:44)


Bron Breakker revealed that he is not much of a social media guy

While the former NFL fullback may be a menacing figure in WWE, he does not have much interest in social media and prefers to have his conversations face-to-face.

O the same podcast, Bron revealed that he is more of a “live in the moment” kind of person:

“I’m just more of a face-to-face kind of guy,” said Breakker. “I don’t do a whole lot of like online stuff and I’m not on it very much. It just doesn’t interest me I guess. I’m just a ‘in the moment guy’.’ It’s not my thing, I just choose not to be on there[social media]. I don’t know, just still doesn’t interest me very much.

Bron Breakker was last seen in action on NXT Spring Breakin’ earlier this month where he defended his coveted title against Joey Gacy. He won the title for the first time earlier this year when he defeated Ciampa on NXT New Year’s Evil.

The bout against The Blackheart was just Breakker’s ninth televised match since making his pro wrestling debut.

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