Current champion shares details about his backstage equation with Triple H

Triple Hย was influential in building NXT and the current champion of the brand, Bron Breakker, revealed the details of his backstage equation with The Game.

The rookie sensation has been widely credited as the breakout star ofย NXT 2.0. He was presented as the face of the brand right about the time Triple H stepped back from backstage duties.

During an appearance onย Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast, Breakker recalled the brief but memorable time working with Triple H. He wishes to have The King of Kings back on the scene in hopes of seeking help and guidance when needed. Describing his experience, the current NXT Champion said:

“He’s great, man. I wish I could spend more time with him cause when I first got to NXT, he was down there. He would be at the Performance Center all the time on a weekly basis and stuff. At the time, I just didn’t want to get in the way. I just wanted to be a good soldier and stay out of the way. I wish he was still gaining around so I could talk to him, get some advice or some kind of help or anything… Just to have him around.” (35:55 — 36:45)

Bron Breakker also revealed that the King of Kings was not entirely involved in his hiring process. Instead, they met once the current champion had already arrived at NXT.

“I didn’t really deal with him at all during the hiring process. I didn’t really have contact with him or anything until I was really here,” said Breakker. (35:12 — 35:38)

Triple H forced to take a break due to medical reasons

In September 2021, he was hospitalized due to a heart condition and had to undergo a serious medical procedure. Following the incident, The Game was forced to take a break from his active duties in NXT as the executive producer.

In March, he confirmed that he had retired from the squared circle.ย WWEย fans hailed him as the driving force behind NXT’s growth and development, which turned the show into the company’s third brand.

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