How WWE RAW could become more interesting with fewer Champions – The experts speak (Exclusive)

WWE RAW does not have a world champion, nor does it have tag team champions. If you caught the final moments of SmackDown, you might have noticed how, with the help of Roman Reigns, The Bloodline now rules the roost in the company. With The Usos defeating RK-Bro to become the unified WWE Tag Team Champions, both tag team and world titles are now on the blue brand.

The big question on everyone’s mind is whether WWE RAW will become less exciting (if such a thing were possible) with no champions on the brand. Bill Apter, the Senior Editor of Sportskeeda, is ever the optimist. He believes that the opposite will happen instead.

“It will actually attract more viewers. Curious to see what is going to happen next with the title picture,” Apter said.

The online consensus has been that WWE RAW has been putting on better shows than its cobalt cousin lately. One must wonder if this is an attempt to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. This could even lead to The Bloodline making cameos when the time is right to drive up the viewership.

Anirban Banerjee, Assistant Content Manager at Sportskeeda, tempered by the grime and grit of Kolkata, India, isn’t nearly as upbeat. He thinks that the opposite is true.

“With RAW not having the WWE Championship and now missing the tag team championships, there’s very little for superstars to compete for,” Banerjee said.

With the red brand going through changes, fans will have to wait and see what the future holds.

The biggest Champion on WWE RAW is Vince McMahon’s chosen one

The question is whether Theory, the current United States Champion, is ready to be the face of the brand. Although he is clearly earmarked for success by Vince McMahon, Apter does not think he is prepared yet.

“Not just yet but he [Theory] has a great supporting roster to help him along.”

A man is known for the company he keeps. A pro wrestler is known for the opponents he faces. Only time will tell whether the time and money invested in the promising young prospect will yield dividends.


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