4 Current WWE Superstars who need a face turn

Face turns may not always be a good idea, as it can backfire if a WWE Superstar is more naturally suited as a heel. But if a superstar has never turned face, it’s always worth a try.

After all, WWE’s biggest stars are usually faces, so if they can turn someone from a bad guy to a good guy, and they make it work, they may find their next star.

On this list, we’ll be focusing on 4 Current WWE Superstars who need a face turn.

#4 In our list of WWE Superstars who need a face turn -Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler being a face would take some getting used to. His WWE career has been spent mostly as a heel, yielding success for The Showoff. He won the majority of his championships as a heel, including both his world title triumphs. Ziggler’s only face turn in WWE was anticlimactic, to say the least.

The creative team kept building him up as a loser. Both his world title reigns didn’t even last long, with his first one lasting a few hours and his second one a month. The advantages for Ziggler are his mic skills and in-ring ability, which stack up with the best.

So if Ziggler turns into a good guy again, he should be booked, similar to how he was in 2014, in his feud with The Authority. Looking back, that was his strongest storyline as a face.

#3 The Miz’s last chance at being a good guy

The A-Lister is one of WWE’s top heels and rightly so. His appearance on Peacock’s WWE Evil documentary series as one of the most evil superstars in WWE history makes the idea of a face turn unimaginable.

Miz has only been on the good side twice in his career. Each time, lasting for about 2 years, while his heel characters haven’t been less than 4 years. His most recent stint as a babyface featured a decent rivalry with Shane McMahon, but WWE hasn’t mastered that side of The Miz yet.

There is a case to be made that if Miz was to use his mic skills as a good guy character, then it may bring a different dimension to him. It would be interesting to see if WWE would use a good guy Miz as world champion.

#2 Sami Zayn potentially reviving The Underdog from the Underground

Sami Zayn is one of the most versatile and talented superstars on the roster. He is currently a heel and has done exceptionally well in that role, but it might be time to for a change of side. Zayn’s career stemming from his NXT days back in 2013, saw him as a face until October 2017.

Since becoming a heel, Zayn hasn’t been able to consistently establish himself as a top heel. Success, however, has come with his heel character, capturing the Intercontinental Championship three times. Examining Zayn’s wrestling style, it is more suited to being a fan favorite and that has been evident in his matches since turning heel.

His lack of aerial and fast paced moves have been replaced by the typically slower offense of a bad guy. It might be safe to say that, good Sami will be warmly received if he ever returns.

#1 Shayna Baszler channeling her good side

The Queen of Spades’ career has been one of two halves thus far. The first half, which was spent in NXT, saw her become the most dominant NXT Women’s Champion of all time. The second half hasn’t even come close to the first. Since moving up to the main roster, her biggest success has been winning the Women’s Tag Team Championships with Nia Jax.

During their title run, Baszler turned face for the first time. It wasn’t the worst run, but it definitely could’ve been better. The run only lasted just over a year and she has been a heel ever since. Baszler is currently in a team with Natalya, which hasn’t seen too much success.

The company should portray Shayna Baszler as someone for the fans to rally behind, following the end of her current team. She should be given a singles run, which would be something different for Baszler and it might even rejuvenate her career.

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