4 WWE Tag Teams that should reunite for one more run

The WWE Universe loves to see their favorite tag teams reunite. Take for instance, The Shield’s reunion, which was a much-welcomed moment. However, their run didn’t go as well as hoped. Fast forward to the present day and WWE’s tag division has gotten a bit stale and is in need of some new or old blood.

It wouldn’t hurt to bring in some teams from the past here and there in the division, only if they’ve still got it. Much like they did with The New Age Outlaws, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn in 2013. They gave them one last run, which brought them championship glory in the process.

There are a number of teams WWE can bring back. On this list, we will focus on 4 tag teams that should reunite for one more run.

#4 The World’s Greatest Tag Team, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

Originally part of Team Angle, Haas and Benjamin were fired by their captain Kurt. This was due to a string of defeats that included losing the WWE Tag Team Championships. The pair remained together and renamed themselves as, The World’s Greatest Tag Team.

The duo went on to reclaim their titles in July 2003, defeating Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri. Their reign didn’t last very long, as they dropped the titles to Los Guerreros in September of that same year. Haas and Benjamin’s split came in 2004, during the Draft, when Shelton Benjamin was drafted to RAW.

They did reunite in 2006, but their run wasn’t successful. In 2007 they split again due to the Draft. Haas and Benjamin did find success together on the independent scene after they were both released in 2010. Shelton Benjamin is the only one from the duo still in WWE, but hasn’t been successful. Should WWE give the team one last run, that could be a really nostalgic moment.

#3 The Colons

The Colons, which consisted of Carlito and Primo, were the first-ever WWE Unified Tag Team Champions. They accomplished that at WrestleMania 25 against The Miz and John Morrison. The match wasn’t aired on TV though, which is a shame, considering its significance.

Their reign is hardly mentioned by WWE for some reason. Maybe that’s due to them only being a team for a year or Vince McMahon’s low perception of tag team wrestling.

Regardless, WWE could bring in the two brothers and give them a good run for a couple of years.

#2 London and Kendrick

Paul London and Brian Kendrick captured the hearts of many when they joined forces in 2006. At Judgement Day that same year, they defeated MNM to become WWE Tag Team Champions. Their reign lasted 331 days, thus making it the longest tag team championship reign of the 2000s era. In April 2007, London and Kendrick lost their titles to Deuce and Domno.

They were unable to regain their championships and later that year ended up being drafted to RAW. Their time there wasn’t anything close to what they achieved on SmackDown.

London and Kendrick did manage to capture championship gold from Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. This occurred in Johannesburg during WWE’s South Africa tour, but they lost the titles a few days later to Murdoch and Cade.

London and Kendrick disbanded in 2010 and since then the former has retired, while Kendrick has been re-signed and released by WWE. So maybe a reunion between the pair could entice London out of retirement for one more run. Whether WWE would be keen on that is another question.

#1 Rated RKO

On RAW in October 2006, we witnessed the birth of Rated RKO on Edge’s Cutting Edge talk show. The most unlikely of allies, fuelled by their issues with DX, joined forces. The newly formed Rated RKO soon found themselves competing for the World Tag Team Championships against Ric Flair and Roddy Piper.

Piper was unable to compete and Rated RKO defeated Flair in a handicap match to become the champions. Following their triumph, they set their sights on DX, whom they defeated at Cyber Sunday thanks to special guest referee Eric Bischoff. Edge and Orton’s union was cut short when Triple H suffered a long-term injury during their match at New Year’s Revolution.

This ended their storyline with DX and soon after they lost their titles to Shawn Michaels and John Cena. Following that loss, the wheels started to come off and they disbanded in May 2007. Fast forward to the present where both superstars are in stables and thriving. Maybe down the line, we’ll see Rated RKO reunite and dominate again. They can do it as faces as well, given how over both are as good guys.


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