4 ways Sami Zayn could make Roman Reigns’ The Bloodline better

Sami Zayn is officially affiliated with The Bloodline. RAW’s Kevin Owens appeared on the latest edition of Friday Night SmackDown. The RAW star hosted a special episode of The KO Show and promised that a member of The Bloodline would be a guest. That guest ended up being Sami Zayn.

While the longtime buddies were initially friendly, things eventually became contentious. Kevin told Sami he wasn’t part of the faction, and Zayn left in a fit of rage. He tracked down The Usos, and while speaking to them, it got revealed that the Canadian superstar is an “honorary Uce.”

Sami has been trying to weasel his way into the group for weeks. Now that he has, what’s next? What can Sami offer Roman Reigns’ powerful faction? The WWE Universe is curious about what the Intercontinental Champion has in store for the SmackDown locker room. A former champion and veteran of the ring, the self-proclaimed “locker room leader” can benefit The Bloodline in several ways.

Below are four ways Sami Zayn could make Roman Reigns’ The Bloodline better:

#4. Sami Zayn is a supremely talented superstar

The most obvious way Sami Zayn benefits The Bloodline is through his talent. Sami is an excellent professional wrestler. Putting aside his overbearing and obnoxious personality, Zayn has mastered competing in the squared circle.

He can pull off shockingly agile maneuvers, but at the same time, he’s also mastered holds and throws that require a great deal of strength. While Sami may appear unassuming next to the likes of Roman Reigns, he’s very athletic and competent in the ring.

Look at his track record for further proof of Sami’s in-ring prowess. He’s a former NXT Champion and a three-time Intercontinental Champion. The Great Liberator has also had excellent matches with Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Jeff Hardy, and other top stars. His talent greatly benefits the group.

#3. The Great Liberator could be The Bloodline’s human shield

While Sami is a talented superstar, there’s another positive he brings. The Great Liberator is fantastic at getting beat up. From a professional standpoint, that’s great. He can bump and sell for any opponent. Just look at his match with Johnny Knoxville at WrestleMania 38. The man can take a beating.

It benefits Roman Reigns. The champion is only as entertaining as his challenger. A top star needs believable challengers. It helps the main event scene if a challenger can look strong by beating up Sami before getting to Roman.

From a kayfabe perspective, The Great Liberator being a shield for the group is beneficial. They can sacrifice Sami for whoever is gunning for The Bloodline, leaving the core crew unscathed. While that has often been the role of The Usos, the dominant tag team champions shouldn’t just be lackeys for Roman. On the other hand, Sami is a valid option for that role.

#2. Zayn will keep an eye out for possible conspiracies

If there’s one thing Sami Zayn has proven in WWE, he can spot a conspiracy. The Master Strategist spent the past few years calling out WWE’s management, fans, and superstars for their plots against him. He even has an unreleased documentary to prove it.

The Tribal Chief and his Bloodline are essentially royalty in WWE. The rest of the roster is all trying to overthrow the chief. If the entire roster is plotting against the group, The Great Liberator can intervene. Sami’s ability to spot a conspiracy would aid the faction tremendously. He could be the eyes and ears of the group, passing along his suspicions to Paul Heyman and the rest of the crew.

#1. Sami Zayn is a master strategist

If there’s one thing The Underdog From The Underground prides himself on, he can strategize. Some skeptics may point out that most of his strategies ultimately blow up in the former Intercontinental Champion’s face. Still, he’d dismiss those individuals as part of the conspiracy against him.

The truth is, Sami is an intelligent superstar. He may not be the most powerful or the quickest, but he’s one of the smartest. Besides Paul Heyman, he has more experience in the wrestling business than anybody in The Bloodline. Sami’s experience, knowledge, and ability to strategize could help the stable against any threats that come their way.

It remains to be seen how long Sami Zayn will be with The Bloodline. Regardless of how long it lasts, his presence entertains WWE fans worldwide.

Paul Heyman recently spoke on what makes The Bloodline so special and other subjects in an interview with Sportskeeda.




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