5 potential opponents for MJF in WWE NXT


MJF continues to be the talk of the professional wrestling world. Rumors have been running rampant over the AEW star’s future, with some believing he’ll be WWE-bound when his All Elite contract expires. He’s even helped fuel speculation by speaking about WWE fairly often.

Nobody knows what the star’s future holds, but the WWE Universe is excited to speculate. There are many potential rivalries and matches the young talent could have in World Wrestling Entertainment.

While it’s fun to imagine who he could compete with on RAW and SmackDown, there’s also a roster full of talent on the NXT brand. Like MJF, the superstars on NXT are young, confident, and ready to take the wrestling world by storm.

How would the cocky AEW star fair on the developmental brand if he turns up there? Who could he compete against? Below are five potential opponents for MJF in WWE NXT.

#5. Tony D’Angelo wouldn’t want MJF on his turf

Tony D’Angelo calls himself The Don of NXT, battling veteran Ciampa to earn that nickname. After defeating The Blackheart and sending him to RAW, he’s since fought against Santos Escobar to claim the brand as his turf.

A cocky star like MJF would make any promotion or brand he goes to a bigger deal, but he might want to take over anywhere he appears. His overconfidence and entitlement could rub Tony D the wrong way.

Inevitably, the two would end up clashing. With that said, Troy “Two Dimes” Donovan and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo will likely get involved one way or another if the bout ever takes place. That kind of chaos is exciting.

#4. Grayson Waller could be a friend or foe

Grayson Waller and MJF would have an interesting dynamic. The pair would either get along tremendously well, or the two would completely despise one another.

Waller is an arrogant Australian who cares more about his social media game and flirting with women than anything else. Meanwhile, Friedman cares more about making money and claiming championships than others’ opinions.

While neither cares about being adored by the WWE Universe or the locker room, their arrogance combined with their different motives could lead the two to clash. If the match does take place, Waller might find himself upstaged, something he detests.

#3. Cameron Grimes is a great underdog babyface

Cameron Grimes would make for a great opponent for MJF. Both stars are young and talented, but at the same time, both love to flaunt their wealth. While there are similarities between the two regarding their finances, their behavior is how the two differ. Cameron’s over-the-top antics are endearing to many, and Friedman’s are offputting and obnoxious to most.

A match or feud between the stars could be fun, even if the outcome seems clear. Grimes likely wouldn’t defeat MJF if the two were to fight. While Cameron Grimes is a fantastic athlete, the NXT North American Champion could fall victim to Friedman’s deception and mind game.

If Grimes is still a champion when the two stars face off, MJF could have his first taste of gold in WWE. If Cameron no longer holds the title, a win over him would still help build Maxwell’s momentum.

#2. Carmelo Hayes wants all the attention

While NXT is home to many confident stars, few are at the level of Carmelo Hayes. In many cases, someone so outwardly confident in themselves is a sign of insecurity. But in Melo’s case, his oozing confidence is both legitimate and well-earned.

When Hayes was NXT North American Champion, he called himself the “A-Champion.” He wouldn’t take kindly to MJF having all eyes on him if he were to jump ship.

Beyond their apparent reason for feuding, the biggest reason this match should happen is the quality it’d bring. Hayes is one of the best young stars in the ring in WWE. The two’s matches and promos would leave the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats.

#1. Bron Breakker is the biggest draw of NXT

Bron Breakker is the measuring stick of NXT. The second-generation superstar has all eyes on him. Wrestling veterans and the fans all expect him to become one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling.

However, MJF could be the one to prevent that upward trajectory. The cocky and brash young star from AEW has dealt with someone similar to Breakker in Wardlow. Mr. Mayhem is also young, powerful, and explosive while having limited experience. While that feud ultimately didn’t go well for Friedman, if he were to learn from his past, he could pose a threat to Bron.

In the end, it likely wouldn’t end well for MJF if the two did battle. What Bron may lack in experience, he more than makes up for in explosive power, enthusiasm, and intensity. Young brutes seem to be Maxwell’s kryptonite, but the pair would make for a fantastic feud no matter the result.

Regardless of his future, the WWE Universe loves to fantasy book the AEW star and imagine the special matches and rivalries he could have with World Wrestling Entertainment. You can check out five dream opponents from the main roster here.


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