“Don’t play the wrestler” – Former WWE Champion on having The Undertaker as his mentor

The Undertaker was once assigned as a mentor to Drew McIntyre during the latter’s early days on SmackDown.

In late 2009, Drew McIntyre debuted on SmackDown and was introduced by Vince McMahon as The Chosen One. The young superstar held his own for a while as he became Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion.

However, The Scottish Warrior wasn’t as focused as he is now and eventually went from breakout superstar to enhancement talent. After leaving WWE, he improved his in-ring skills and returned better than ever, ultimately winning the WWE Championship.

In a recent interview with Justin Barrasso, McIntyre recalled the lessons he learned in those early days, especially one provided by The Undertaker:

“As Undertaker once told me, ‘Don’t play the wrestler. Be the wrestler.’ At the time, ’Taker was my mentor, a role assigned by Vince [McMahon], and I had no idea what he was talking about. I was a wrestler, obviously, right? Now, almost 15 years later, I have a much different appreciation for his lessons. I know who I am every time I step out there, and I know what I’m aiming for; and that’s Roman.” [H/T – SI]

One feud that has been forgotten by many is the one between Shane McMahon and Roman Reigns in 2019. The two superstars were at each other’s throats every week ever since McMahon defeated The Miz and Reigns was moved to SmackDown.

McMahon used allies such as The Revival and Elias to fend off Roman, but that wasn’t enough to keep The Big Dog away. McMahon elevated the rivalry when he defeated Reigns with the help of McIntyre at Super Showdown.

After constantly being upstaged by McMahon and company, Roman defeated McIntyre. The next night, The Undertaker came out to save Roman and feuded with McIntyre and McMahon. A month later, Taker and Reigns defeated McMahon and McIntyre in a No Holds Barred match.

After the match, all superstars went their separate ways, but it was the last time Drew McIntyre stepped in the same ring as The Deadman. It will be interesting to see whether McIntyre will face Roman at Clash at The Castle and dethrone him.


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