Alexa Bliss reacts to Liv Morgan’s upcoming Hollywood debut

Alexa Bliss has shared a heartfelt reaction to fellow WWE Superstar Liv Morgan bagging a movie role.

Liv Morgan is on cloud nine ever since the announcement came out in regards to her upcoming acting debut. Morgan is all set to star in a Hollywood flick called The Kill Room alongside a bunch of big names. Hollywood greats like Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson are also a part of the movie.

Wishes began pouring in immediately from all corners of the wrestling world. Morgan has now received a wholesome reply from Alexa Bliss. Check out the tweet below:

Alexa Bliss’ response to Morgan was met with a bunch of interesting comments

The WWE Universe was delighted over Bliss congratulating her co-worker in her tweet. Some of them stated that they would love to see Bliss and Morgan in a movie together. Check out some of the most notable fan reactions below:

“Absolutely, I never realised until I came to the WWE that I love to act. I would love to at some point cross over and bring a mix of WWE fans and mainstream fans together. I would love do something like that – or have my own little talk show on the WWE Network! I would love to test the waters and see what happens,” she said.

Bliss has quite a large fan following across major social media platforms. Her fans would love to see her appear in a major movie somewhere down the line. At the moment, though, the WWE Universe is excited to see how Liv Morgan fares in her big Hollywood debut.

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