“Bring him back on TV and then grow them together” – Former WWE manager wants Roman Reigns in a new feud with popular star (Exclusive) comment Comment


Wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell believes WWE could work out a program between Roman Reigns and Riddle.

Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura looked set to dethrone The Usos in a championship match this week on SmackDown despite Nakamura injuring his leg during the match. Riddle kept up the onslaught and looked like he was going to cause an upset. However, Roman Reigns’ music blared, causing a distraction which led to The Usos winning the match. It was later revealed that Sami Zayn was responsible.

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Speaking on this week’s episode of Smack Talk, Mantell pondered over the possibility of a Riddle vs. Reigns feud in the future. He initially felt that the duo lacked chemistry. However, the former WWE manager clarified that if The Tribal Chief was back on TV and the two were allowed to interact more often, things could be different.

Here’s what Mantell had to say:

“Well, you can do what you want to with Riddle. To me, the interest is not there for Roman Reigns, I don’t care what they do. It’s just not there. The chemistry is not there,” Mantell stated. “But I could be wrong. Bring him back on TV and then grow them together and do something with them. So you can build something.” (From 45:57 – 46:31)

Riddle called Roman Reigns a “Tribal Piece of Trash”

On the May 23 episode of RAW, Riddle opened the show with a heartfelt message for his partner Randy Orton.

He mentioned that Orton’s long career had taken a toll on his body and praised him for making it to the Tag Team Title Unification match. He acknowledged their loss and put The Usos over as one of the best tag teams of this generation.

However, The Original Bro had some harsh words for their cousin. He called Reigns a “backstabbing, piece of trash” for interfering in the matchup leading to RK-Bro’s loss. Riddle was flustered and showed absolutely no respect to The Head of the Table.

While Riddle is not currently in the main event picture, it could be interesting to see him journey to the top of the mountain in WWE and feud against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

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