It’s “Hell in a Cell” last minute prediction time!

Hell in a Cell is set to emanate from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois, tonight. A number of high-stakes matches have been announced for the premium live event, including Cody Rhodes taking on Seth Rollins inside the Devilish structure.

On that note, here are the last-minute predictions for tonight’s show:

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7. Madcap Moss vs. Happy Corbin (No Holds Barred Match)

Frankly, to me, this storyline is getting tiring. I hope that it is finally put to rest at Hell in a Cell regardless of the outcome. Traditionally, one might think that because Madcap Moss is coming back from being attacked by Corbin that Moss will get revenge and pull out a victory. However, I can’t see them burying Corbin any more than he already has been.

Prediction: Happy Corbin wins.

6. Theory vs. Mustafa Ali (United States Championship)

The Theory/Ali match has been building up to this. During the push of Theory, Vince McMahon has given challenges for Theory to overcome. He has been getting a massive push as United States Champion.

In some cases, he failed, like at Wrestlemania. But in other areas, he has succeeded, even if in a traditional heel way of success. I don’t believe the Theory push is finished yet, nor do I believe he will lose the United States Championship at Hell in a Cell. He may win the match, have a draw, or lose via disqualification.

Prediction: Theory Retains.

5. Ezekiel vs. Kevin Owens

Who wants to wrestle with Elias? Well, it doesn’t matter because he’s Ezekiel’s older brother. (*Wink wink*)

The “is Ezekiel Elias” question is very similar to the storyline of Mr. America, where it was Hulk Hogan under the mask. In both storylines, Ezekiel and Mr. America passed their lie detector tests. In both storylines, they did things that made it clear that they really were the other person. In both storylines, you had a heel character intent on proving “the truth.”

The Mr. America storyline ended very anti-climactically. I would like to see Ezekiel win the match and then look down at Kevin Owens and say, “I am Elias,” with a cheering crowd. However, regardless of if his true identity is revealed, I think Ezekiel will win at Hell in a Cell.

Prediction: Ezekiel wins.

4. Bobby Lashley vs. Omos & MVP (Handicap Match)

Omos and Bobby Lashley have been sparring for a while. Each time Lashley is successful, Omos gets another advantage, and they give a bigger challenge to Lashley. Each time, Lashley overcomes the obstacle.

The point of the “larger than life” character is to give the “good guy” the chance to overcome a seemingly unstoppable force. The end of the storyline, most times, ends with David beating Goliath. I don’t see this any differently.

Prediction: Bobby Lashley wins.

3. Finn Bálor, AJ Styles & Liv Morgan vs. The Judgement Day

With Edge trying to court a fourth member of The Judgement Day, I do not believe Hell in a Cell will be where they lose, especially with their recent loss on live TV. I do believe that Edge’s group will win and in doing so, we will see that there is a fourth member of the stable.

Either that fourth member will be revealed during the match, or the existence of the fourth member will be known and will be unmasked later. Or maybe the fourth member will be a member of the opposite tag team, turning on the other two.

Prediction: The Judgement Day wins.

2. Bianca Belair vs. Asuka vs. Becky Lynch (RAW Women’s Championship)

It is bizarre that this is the only world championship being defended on the show. The storyline here also feels fractured. There is clearly the plot of Becky Lynch handing the title to Asuka after she won Money in the Bank. But that wasn’t dealt with on Lynch’s return. Lynch beat Belair. There is also Belair beating Lynch for the title at Wrestlemania, and Lynch wants her title back.

I am just not sure why Asuka vs. Belair is compelling to the storyline. I believe that Lynch will continue to chase the title after Hell in a Cell. The only way to make it all make sense is to have Asuka win the title, thus creating a reason for both to want to go after the new women’s champion. And since I have Theory retaining, there should be at least one title change at a premium live event.

1. Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins (Hell in a Cell Match)

They have made it clear that Cody Rhodes is going for a world championship title run. That is what’s in his sights. If the American Nightmare was going to lose a match in this trilogy, it would have been the second one. That would have allowed Rollins to get his win back from ‘Mania and then allow the two to square off one more time in a “best of three” format.

However, that’s not where they went. For Rhodes to continue to get that push towards a championship run, it doesn’t make any sense to have him lose in Hell in a Cell. Maybe if Roman Reigns were to interfere in the match, causing Rhodes to lose, that would create a feud between the two. However, that would feel way too forced, and I don’t believe it to be an option.

Prediction: Cody Rhodes wins.

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