WWE Hell in a Cell Exclusive Roundup (w/ Ezekiel): Major teaser on the return of a big name, Plans to win the tag team titles, and more

WWE Monday Night RAW’s newest sensation, Ezekiel, sat down for an insightful chat with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Bill Apter and Brad Gilmore. “Elias’ younger brother” was in character as he promoted Sunday’s Hell in a Cell show, where he will take on Kevin Owens in a singles match.

In addition to talking about his upcoming bout, Ezekiel also opened up about his unexpected arrival into the WWE, plans to win the Tag Team Championship with his brother, the possibility of a huge return, and a lot moree.

While many would argue that Ezekiel and Elias are the same people, the brothers have already set their minds on someday winning the tag team titles.

Since childhood, Ezekiel and Elias have dreamt about holding WWE’s tag team belts. The duo would wrestle their cousins and friends and grew to love working together in the ring.

Ezekiel said that it was his ultimate dream to capture the Undisputed Tag Team Championship with Elias and recalled their earlier conversations regarding the same:

“I could tell you when we were kids, you know, we would talk about it. We would have little tag team matches with our cousins and our friends and stuff like that. But never as we got older. Now that, to me, is the ultimate dream. Tag team champions with my older brother in the WWE; that would be, I mean, nothing tops that.” (From 3:50 – 4:12)

The Usos better take notice, as they could be in for a stiff challenge against Elias and Zeke in the near future.

#3. Ezekiel had a backstage conversation with a top WWE executive before RAW debut

The RAW episode after WrestleMania is known for its surprises. However, not many would have expected a family member of Elias who looks just like him to show up on WWE TV.

Ezekiel revealed that he received an invite to attend RAW from a top WWE executive. Zeke refrained from disclosing the official’s name but noted that he was eager to introduce himself to the WWE Universe.

Ezekiel ended up crossing paths with Kevin Owens, and he has since experienced a pleasant time as part of the RAW roster.

“I came across it, just a few months ago, I’m not going to say the name, but a top WWE executive, if you want to call it that,” said Ezekiel. “I introduced myself. I said, ‘Hello, I’m Ezekiel, Elias’ younger brother.’ He invited me to Monday Night RAW after WrestleMania, and I thought, you know what? Right now would be a great time to go introduce myself to Kevin and the world. And the rest is kind of history, man.” (From 3:07 – 3:40)

Despite picking up a few victories on RAW, Ezekiel will face his biggest test yet when he squares off against Owens. The 34-year-old star, however, is least intimidated by the challenge.

#4. Ezekiel is well-prepared for a massive clash against Kevin Owens

We’ve picked out some of the best bits from Sportskeeda’s latest exclusive in a special edition of the roundup ahead of Hell in a Cell.

#1. Ezekiel hopes to have Elias by his side to prove his detractors wrong

Ezekiel has thus far passed all of Kevin Owens’ tests on RAW. He has managed to get his storyline over with the audience, and the star would also love for his brother to join him soon.

Ezekiel revealed that he exchanged text messages with Elias after his debut on RAW after WrestleMania. While the siblings haven’t spoken to each other in months, Ezekiel desires to have Elias in his corner, presumably after beating Owens at Hell in a Cell.

Well I’d love it for Elias just to come out there and hang out with me. Like I said, it’s my dream that we’re tag team champions. But I can’t. So if anybody can let me know, maybe we can make this happen, but in the meantime I’m gonna keep searching for answers,” Ezekiel said. (From 9:28 to 10:00)

Ezekiel has a lot of admiration for Elias as The Drifter seemingly paved the way for his brother’s WWE signing. Zeke has nothing but gratitude towards his older brother, as he stated below:

“Man, I’ve got to say. First off, love my older brother,” Ezekiel continued. “Thank you for bringing that up. I like to say that Elias walked so that Zeke could speak, and so I am just so grateful for everything he has done.”

He is looking forward to Elias’ WWE return as it could potentially lead to them pursuing the tag team titles.

#2. Ezekiel wants to win the Tag Team Championship with Elias

Zeke said he’d been studying his upcoming opponent for years and knew what Owens had in his arsenal.

“I like to think, so I’ve been studying this guy for years and years; like I said, I’m a huge wrestling fan. So, I feel like I’ve got him scouted pretty well, I feel like he does not know what to expect and I’m gonna keep that much a mystery until the show.”

Will Ezekiel make a significant statement by defeating Kevin Owens at Hell in a Cell? Only time will tell, but the match promises to be an entertaining affair between two talented performers.

Don’t miss all the action of WWE Hell in a Cell, streaming live on Sunday, June 5 at 8 ET/5 PT on Peacock in the United States and on WWE Network everywhere else.

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