Backstage reason why Cody Rhodes was allowed to wrestle at Hell in a Cell – Reports

Cody Rhodes has been in the headlines before, during, and after Hell in a Cell 2022. Despite having a legitimate torn pec, he wrestled in the main event and defeated Seth Rollins in another classic. A new backstage report has emerged, possibly revealing why WWE cleared The American Nightmare to wrestle.

It was reported on the day of Hell in a Cell that Rhodes suffered a legitimate injury while lifting weights. WWE confirmed he had a torn pec due to the incident but would wrestle at Hell in a Cell anyway. Rhodes tweeted, “For the love of the game,” half an hour before the main event, revealing why he chose to wrestle. reported that Rhodes was cleared because he couldn’t suffer more damage to his completely torn pec. They also added that a few spots were scrapped from the match:

The report stated that Rhodes had the option not to compete, and WWE would’ve come up with an alternate plan. However, it was The American Nightmare who insisted on wrestling anyway:

“Cody had the option to not do the match and WWE officials would have come up with an alternate plan but Cody was said to have insisted on going out there and the match went on as scheduled.”

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What is next for Cody Rhodes?

Cody Rhodes’ injury is the same one that John Cena suffered in early October 2007. Cena’s case was a tear to his right pectoral muscle. Despite predictions that he’d be out for a long time, WWE’s former franchise player made a shocking return in just three months by winning the 2008 Royal Rumble.

Rhodes may not be able to make a miraculous three-month recovery, and as of now, the news is expected that he’ll be out of action for the foreseeable future. It likely means that he’ll miss the highly-anticipated Money in the Bank show, where he’d have probably played a big role.

It may also mean that he could miss SummerSlam 2022. Ultimately, his health is all that matters, and fans can only be grateful to him for putting on an incredible performance despite the level of pain he must’ve faced before and during his match against Seth Rollins.

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