Mark Henry says WWE RAW star is “championship material”

WWE Legend Mark Henry lavished praise on Riddle, saying the former tag team champion could go on to win the world title.

Riddle has been on a roll lately, even without Randy Orton by his side in WWE. During his stint with Orton, the former United States Champion won fans over and could be in line for a singles push.

While speaking on a recent episode of Busted Open, Henry spoke about Riddle’s recent performances and said the RAW star could become World Champion:

“Championship material. That’s what he is. World Heavyweight Championship material because people feel for him, people love him…it’s hardest thing in the wrestling business to get, it’s sympathy and affection. Now you can have Riddle not do the scooter. You can always have Riddle dial stuff back and say, you know what, it says it in the Bible. Once I was a child and did childish things and then I grew up and act as a man and put away childish things. We always say wrestling is the Bible, it’s good vs. evil. It’s simply psycology.” (from 27:43 to 28:52)

Bully Ray, who was also on the show, said young kids are invested in Riddle, which, he feels, is very important as they’ll be his fans for life.

Riddle had an impressive showing on last week’s WWE SmackDown

Riddle had the chance to win the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles last week on SmackDown when he teamed with Shinsuke Nakamura to face The Usos.

The former NXT star had to team with Nakamura as Randy Orton is currently on the sidelines due to an injury.

During the match, Riddle had to deal with The Usos single-handedly after Nakamura suffered an injury. The former US Champion put on a brave fight and lost due to a distraction by Sami Zayn. With Riddle looking impressive alone, there’s a possibility that he could get a singles run, perhaps even for Reigns’ world title.

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