5 Surprising Moments from WWE Hell in a Cell 2022

WWE Hell in a Cell didn’t have a lot of hype going into the show, but it was a memorable night of in-ring action. We had an amazing RAW Women’s Championship match, a riveting six-person tag match, and a brutal main event for the ages.

The premium live event was proof that WWE can always deliver with in-ring action if the talented roster is given a chance to shine.

Here’s a look at the top five most surprising moments of WWE Hell in a Cell 2022.

#5 Heels Dominate in clean fashion at WWE Hell in a Cell 2022

It was a good night for Theory in Chicago on Sunday
It was a good night for Theory in Chicago on Sunday

It’s rare to see bad guys win in clean fashion at a WWE premium live event. At Hell in a Cell, it happened on three occasions. It was a good night for the heels to put an end to some long-lasting feuds.

Kevin Owens is mad at Ezekiel, and for some reason, he thinks Ezekiel is Elias. On Sunday night, he was able to defeat Ezekiel in his first premium live event. It seems like an important win for Kevin Owens after his WrestleMania feud with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

If you also add in clean victories for Theory and Judgment Day, Hell in a Cell was a good night for evil. This will help establish these heels for the upcoming summer months. Owens, Theory, and Judgment Day did so in dominant fashion. Who can stop them going forward?

#4 Bianca Belair steals the pin

Becky Lynch came close yet again on Sunday night.
Becky Lynch came close yet again on Sunday night.

In Hell in a Cell’s opening match for the RAW Women’s Championship, Asuka, Bianca Belair, and Becky Lynch exceeded expectations.

For 19 minutes, the three superstars threw everything at each other. The match was filled with near-falls and submissions. It was also interesting to see no weapons used in a triple threat match. They just wanted to beat each other in the ring.

The ending sequence of the RAW Women’s Championship match was a clever and surprising one. Belair knocked Asuka into the turnbuckle. Lynch pushed Belair out of the ring and hit a Manhandle Slam on Asuka. As she went for the pin, Belair returned to throw Lynch out of the ring and steal the victory.

Becky Lynch was stunned. It seems likely after Sunday night that this wasn’t the end of the wonderful feud between Belair and Lynch. We just have to wait until Becky Lynch comes back for revenge.

#3 Cedric Alexander costs Omos a victory

It seemed quite impossible that Bobby Lashley could win a 2-on-1 handicap match at WWE Hell in a Cell. And for the majority of the match, it seemed it was only a matter of time before Lashley would pick up the inevitable loss. That is until he got an assist from an unlikely source.

Cedric Alexander got on the ring apron to distract. Who was he attempting to distract? It was hard to say. But it certainly distracted Omos, who received a Spear from Lashley. At this point, it left a defenseless MVP fall victim to the Hurt Locker Submission. Lashley had overcome the odds.

After the match, Bobby Lashley grabbed a replica WWE Championship from a fan and held it over his head. It is a not-so-subtle reminder that a Reigns-Lashley title match could be happening in the near future. After his performances over the last few months, Lashley sure seems like a credible threat.

#2 Madcap Moss defeats Happy Corbin with a vicious chair attack

One of the many vicious uses of a steel chair at Hell in a Cell.
One of the many vicious uses of a steel chair at Hell in a Cell.

Say what you will about the feud, but Madcap Moss has certainly gotten over with the WWE Universe during his feud against Happy Corbin. Moss has showcased good mic skills and solid in-ring work in the last few months. It seems feuding with Corbin has always been a solid choice to elevate talent.

The brief 12-minute match was quite the physical one. Both competitors worked hard to keep the crowd in the match, which ended in pretty vicious fashion. Moss put a chair around Corbin’s neck and slammed some steel steps onto the chair. It was quite the finish to the match and possibly the feud.

Hopefully both competitors can move onto new things at this point. They have shown they have the talent to do so.

#1 Cody Rhodes wins at the main event

The news that Cody Rhodes had torn a pectoral muscle was devastating. Rhodes has been riding high in the few months since his WWE return. His series of matches with Seth Rollins have been true classics. It would be a shame to have the feud end with Rhodes’ devastating injury.

But despite a gruesome injury, Rhodes wrestled a brutal 24-minute match against Seth Rollins at WWE Hell in a Cell.

The main event between Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes will certainly go down in WWE history. Cody Rhodes wrestling with a torn pectoral muscle is nothing short of a miracle. Who didn’t cringe every time the right side of Rhodes’ body was attacked?

Despite that, Rhodes still used a lot of weapons and pulled off some incredible moves. The match ended with Rhodes hitting two Cross Rhodes on Rollins followed by a sledgehammer shot to the head. Incredibly, Cody Rhodes won the Hell in a Cell match clean.

It might be a while before Cody Rhodes performs again, but we cannot deny that Sunday night moved him into the legendary stratosphere. When he returns, he will be welcomed as a real threat to defeat the WWE Universal Champion. It might have been painful on Sunday night, but Cody Rhodes cemented his place in WWE history with an unbelievable performance.

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