“An insult for wrestling” – WWE fans show concern for Becky Lynch after unexpected 24/7 Title match

This week’s edition of Monday Night RAW was loaded with twists and turns, with fans getting to witness six-time Women’s Champion Becky Lynch compete for the WWE 24/7 title.

Eager to turn things around after losing last night’s triple-threat bout, Big Time Becks took on Dana Brooke in a singles match. The match soon turned into a 24/7 championship match after Dana pinned Akira Tozawa, who was trying to fend off chasers. This led to Becky announcing that nobody is going to be winning a championship in her matches anymore except for her.’

However, interference from Asuka ensured that Lynch did not win the 24/7 title either.

Fans from around the world took to social media to share their thoughts on the former RAW Women’s Champion competing for the championship, which is often chased by lower card performers and is displayed in a funny light.

Embedded below is a compilation of such posts:


While most fans were critical of WWE’s decision to include Becky Lynch in the 24/7 title picture, a group of people were optimistic about the outcome, reacting hilariously to the incident on RAW:

Dana Brooke appreciated Becky Lynch after their match on WWE RAW

Big Time Becks’ downward spiral continued on the red brand this week as she failed to capture the 24/7 championship. The six-time Women’s Champion also had victory snatched from her hands at Hell in a Cell after Bianca Belair threw her out of the ring to pin Asuka.

In a desperate attempt to get a win back, Becky challenged Dana Brooke for the latter’s coveted title. However, Asuka had a different plan in mind as she held down Lynch’s foot to assist with the big win for Brooke.

Reacting to one of the biggest victories of her life, Dana Brooke stated that it was an honor to share the ring with Big Time Becks and defeating her was a massive confidence booster:

NEVER say NEVER!!!- I started my career w/ Big Time @beckylynchwwe , watching her from training days, in Dusty Rhodes promo classes, to NXT, & now for years at the TOP of the woman’s division!!! Nothing but respect… but I LOVED THAT FEELING of being in the ring w/ her & also defeating her, what a boost of confidence!!! Haters gunna hate, but I’ve had it in me from the start, NEVER COUNT ME OUT!! Dana Does it 24/7!!!!

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