5 Reasons why The Judgment Day turned on Edge on WWE RAW – Huge storyline twist, Setting up The Bloodline’s next big feud

Edgewood announced Finn Balor as the final recruit for The Judgment Day last night on WWE RAW before the former Universal Champion led an assault on The Rated R Superstar.

Despite being under Edge’s wing for several months, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley stepped out from under the learning tree of the 11-time World Champion and exacted a brutal assault.

Balor was on the losing end of their match at Hell in a Cell, which has led many fans to question why they feel that Edge is seen as the weakest link. Here are just five reasons why The Judgement Day imploded on RAW.

#5. WWE wanted a young full-time trio

Edge’s promos have been the best part of The Judgment Day faction, but the former world champion has only wrestled five times this year. The Rated R Superstar has appeared on RAW, but the last time he wrestled on the company’s flagship show was back in February 2021.

At the age of 48, Edge can’t push the team forward as much as Finn Balor can and also has the added responsibility of being a father now. It’s clear that his new contract with WWE allows for some leniency when it comes to his family life, and he isn’t on the road as much as full-time stars.

Finn Balor is a full-time star and a veteran in his own right who could easily push his new team forward.

#4. This will now allow Edge to form his own WWE stable in his absence

Edge has been teasing new recruits to The Judgment Day over the past few months, and the company could have realized that there is a much better place for Edge outside of The Judgment Day. There were some interesting names on the list of teases, including his own wife, Beth Phoenix

It would be a fantastic storyline swerve if Edge was to make his return in a few weeks and start his own stable with someone like Beth Phoenix and AJ Styles. This would then lead to a deeply personal feud between the six superstars for several months.

#3. WWE needs some challengers in the tag team division


As noted, Edge doesn’t appear to be able to wrestle regularly on Monday Night RAW, which could be why the team sees him as the weak link. The Usos have both the RAW and SmackDown Tag Team Championship, and at present, the only teams to step up are The Street Profits, Riddle, and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Despite having The Alpha Academy and The Viking Raiders at their disposal, it appears that the company prefers to create their own make-shift tag teams, and one that includes Damian Priest and Finn Balor could definitely dominate the division. With Rhea Ripley waiting in the wings as well, this could be a formidable team, and the company knew it couldn’t be a reality with Edge at the helm.

#2. There is no top babyface on WWE RAW at present

Cody Rhodes will be out of action for the foreseeable future, which means that there is no top babyface on WWE RAW. The company has pushed Rhodes as the main star on the brand since his return, and now there is only Bobby Lashley who could step up in his absence.

Roman Reigns is on hiatus, and with Rhodes set for a lengthy spell on the sidelines, the company needs to find a new babyface for RAW. It was a quick move that allowed Balor to become the next big heel and Edge to become a face.

This could also lead to Balor finally getting his rematch against Roman Reigns for when the “rope snapped” if The new Judgment Day were to cross paths with The Bloodline.

#1. Edge will now be out of action for several months and needed to be written off TV

It’s that time of the year again, and it appears that since Edge made his return at the 2020 Royal Rumble, WWE has made a point of allowing him to take a hiatus from the company each year.

It’s unclear why Edge needs a hiatus at this moment in time, after wrestling just five matches this year and remaining undefeated. But in 2020, Edge was attacked by Randy Orton and was able to sit out a few months of action before taking a two-month hiatus in 2021 following his WrestleMania loss.

This doesn’t include Edge’s seven-month hiatus when he tore his tricep in June 2020. The likelihood here is that The Rated R Superstar needs some time away and will now return to a deeply personal storyline with Finn Balor.


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