Booker T says Edge should bring AEW star and former WWE Superstar to reform iconic faction

WWE legend Booker T feels Edge should re-form The Brood by bringing back Christian and Gangrel to the company.

The Brood was a legendary faction in WWE during the Attitude Era, consisting of Edge, Gangrel, and Christian. The faction split and The New Brood was formed, with Gangrel teaming up with The Hardy Boyz. Gangrel recently appeared on AEW, where he accompanied The Young Bucks in their match against Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Booker T, on his Hall of Fame podcast, said that Edge should return a few months down the line with The Brood to feud with Judgment Day.

“You know what, you know what would even be better, if Edge did stay out for six months and then the Brood showed up, yeah with Christian, [and] get Gangrel,” said Booker T. [34:00 – 34:30]

Host Brad Gilmore said that they will have to get Christian out of the AEW contract to make The Brood reunion happen in WWE, to which Booker T joked that it may not be very difficult.

“That [getting Christian out of his AEW contract] might not be too hard the way things are going [laughs].” [34:32 – 34:46]

The Hall of Famer also went on to state that the Judgment Day faction cannot continuously add members, like the nWo.

What could be next for Edge in WWE?

The Rated R Superstar was stretchered out on RAW after Judgment Day members attacked and kicked him out of the group. This happened after Finn Balor was added to the group on the show. Aided by Balor, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley informed Edge that he was surplus to requirements.

A recent report also disclosed that the Hall of Famer is now a babyface on the red brand. This could possibly be due to Cody Rhodes’ layoff with injury.

With The American Nightmare out, Edge could take his place as the biggest good guy on the brand. It remains to be seen if the legend will seek retribution after being viciously attacked.

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