20217 things WWE Survivor Series got right: Roman Reigns proves himself; Randy Orton makes

WWE Survivor Series hosted the annual traditional matches between the superstars of RAW and SmackDown. Once again, the creative team did well to build decent rivalries between the champions of the brands.

Tensions were high between all four teams of RAW and SmackDown. The superstars tried to get along and deliver their best for the sake of their brands.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair could not wait to get their hands on each other during the show. Big E was also looking to avenge his brothers in a clash against Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

A 25 Years of The Rock Battle Royal took place at this year’s Survivor Series. Omos overcame 24 superstars to win a match that won’t help his cause.

The night had some good matches and big moments that will shape the future of RAW and SmackDown. Take a look at the seven things WWE got right at this year’s Survivor Series.

#7. Damian Priest’s temper got the better of him again at WWE Survivor Series

United States Champion Damian Priest faced Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura at WWE Survivor Series. Both men were looking to pick up a win to get a boost on their respective rosters.

Rick Boogs helped Nakmaura throughout the contest and continued to annoy The Archer of Infamy. Meanwhile, The Artist felt more comfortable competing against Priest and put on a better show during the contest.

In the end, Priest got fed up with Boogs and broke his guitar in half. He used the remnants to attack Boogs and Nakamura before the referee called for a disqualification.

It was a decent way to protect the two mid-card champions. It also showed that the calm and cool Priest is now beginning to struggle with his temper issues.

The babyface could soon turn heel and give the faces on RAW a shot at his title. It will help the mid-card of the brand grow before Priest gets a push to the WWE title picture.

Meanwhile, Nakamura desperately needed the win. He has only defended his title once in over 100 days, and WWE needed to put him ahead to justify his position on SmackDown.

Survivor Series helped both superstars build their characters after putting on a good show for the fans.

#6. Kevin Owens walked out on his partners at WWE Survivor Series

The traditional men’s WWE Survivor Series 5-on-5 elimination match saw Team RAW (Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Austin Theory, Bobby Lashley, and Finn Balor) battle Team SmackDown (King Woods, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Happy Corbin, and Jeff Hardy).

KO wasn’t too happy with his team and continued to build his new heel character. He walked out of the match and got himself counted out to allow Team SmackDown to score its first elimination.

The idea was good as it gave Owens to continue his heel character and build more heat. Rumors suggest that he will be leaving the company once his contract comes to an end. If that’s the case, his current antics are building towards the end of his run perfectly well.

#5. Seth Rollins picked up the win for Team RAW at WWE Survivor Series

Many believed that the final battle during the men’s tag team elimination match at WWE Survivor Series would be between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley. However, the creative team juggled things around extremely well.

Seth Rollins and Jeff Hardy were the final two men in the match. The Messiah countered a Swanton Bomb and hit The Stomp to pick up the win for his team.

His victory will give him the bragging rights on RAW. That will certainly help build his character on the show. Will Edge return soon to revive his rivalry with the lunatic?

#4. Becky Lynch cheated her way to a victory at WWE Survivor Series

WWE took the personal rivalry between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair to the ring at Survivor Series. The RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champions were ready to prove who was the best wrestler.

The two heels tried all they could to take each other down. In the end, Lynch proved to be the bigger villain as she cheated her way to a victory over Flair.

The win will give the heel a boost. Meanwhile, Flair will be looking to avenge the loss post-Survivor Series as she was not cleanly pinned. It’s a good way to keep the spark alive for another future rivalry between the two women.

#3. The RK-Bros defeated The Usos at WWE Survivor Series

Randy Orton celebrated his historic 177th pay-per-view match in style at WWE Survivor Series. He teamed up with Riddle to take on the SmackDown Tag Team Champions on the show.

Jimmy and Jey Uso were red-hot during the contest, but the RK-Bro had the momentum. Riddle was the star as he took the most offense in the ring.

In the end, Orton got the biggest spot of the match as he delivered a jaw-dropping RKO to Jimmy Uso. The match was done well and it was good to watch The Viper pick up the victory for his team. While The Usos are one of the top teams in history, the RK-Bros have done well this year.

#2. Bianca Belair took Team RAW to victory at WWE Survivor Series

The women’s roster of WWE took the spotlight at Survivor Series as Team RAW went head-to-head against Team SmackDown. Both teams had some of the biggest names of the industry competing for brand supremacy.

WWE gave the women enough time to put on a good show before the match ticked down the final moments. In the end, Bianca Belair held her nerves to pick up the win for her team.

It was the right call to allow The EST to pick up the win. She has been phenomenal for nearly two years now and deserved another big moment at a top pay-per-view.

#1. Roman Reigns humbled Big E at WWE Survivor Series

A battle of the heavyweights took the top spot on WWE Survivor Series this year. Universal Champion Roman Reigns and WWE Champion Big E competed in a rare match to headline the show.

Big E was fantastic throughout the contest and matched The Tribal Chief well. He fought through an injured knee that led to his defeat in the contest. WWE could have looked to protect Big E from a clean loss at Survivor Series.

Instead, the creative team went all out and gave both men a chance to deliver the best match of the night before giving Reigns another massive win. The loss will not hurt Big E’s value as he did all he could to keep The Head of the Table out of the game. A rematch between the two at a later date could end up being even better.

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