Seth Rollins and Asuka seemingly handed new names according to hilarious botch

According to a recent WWE advertisement for a live event in Atlantic City posted on, Seth Rollins and Asuka have seemingly undergone some name changes. The website has featured the visionary under the name “Seth ‘Franklin’ Rollins” instead of his usual moniker of “Freakin”, while the Empress of Tomorrow has been referred to as “Ashule”.

The aforementioned name changes are clearly typos by those advertising the show as it is highly unlikely that two of WWE’s top stars would undergo such name changes without any references made on any televised shows.

You can view the ‘name changes’ in the screenshot below.

"Seth 'Franklin' Rollins" and "Ashule" are advertised for the show in Atlantic City
“Seth ‘Franklin’ Rollins” and “Ashule” are advertised for the show in Atlantic City

Unlike Seth Rollins and Asuka there have been other noticeable name changes in WWE

It is common for WWE to often change or shorten the names of its Superstars. Shortly after Matt Riddle’s call-up to the main roster, his name was reduced to just “Riddle” and he has been using it ever since.

The same was the case with Austin Theory, who had used that name for a while before recently shortening his name to just Theory.

What are your thoughts on the new ‘names’ assigned to Rollins and Asuka on account of some typos? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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