WWE SmackDown – 3 Possible surprises – Romantic angle leads to a title change, RAW stars destroy The Bloodline

This week’s RAW was filled with surprises galore, and WWE SmackDown is almost sure to follow suit. In fact, the biggest surprise from the red brand could bleed onto the blue show.

But without rushing straight into the thick of things, here’s an introduction. WWE SmackDown comes on the heels of an eventful, red-hot episode of RAW that definitely shook things up in a big way. In fact, Sportskeeda Senior Editor Bill Apter even lauded the company for the swerve.

With that said, let’s look at the surprises we could potentially see on Friday. Do sound off with your valuable comments in the section below. If you’re feeling especially creative, please share your booking ideas with us.

#3. The new version of The Judgment Day invades WWE SmackDown and takes out The Bloodline

Imagine the possibilities. Maybe Roman Reigns and The Bloodline are just working out in the gym. Then, RAW faction Judgment Day invades WWE SmackDown and takes them out out of the blue.

Balor has a bone to pick with Reigns since the top rope snapped and cost him the Universal Championship during last year’s match. Meanwhile, because of Rhea Ripley being a part of the mix, Naomi could come back to help her husband out! One would have to assume that things are currently being smoothed over backstage with The Usos in such a prominent role.

Roman Reigns is also slated to miss some time, and this could be a good way to write him off for a spell. It gives the tag champs a reason to step up and represent their family in the quest for vengeance.

#2. Shanky shows up to impress Samantha Irvin and distracts Ricochet

Shanky has tried his best to woo ring announcer Samantha Irvin, who is the real-life girlfriend of Ricochet. This is far too good an opportunity to lose out on for WWE.

To make Ricochet look strong even in defeat, he could be distracted by Irvin falling for the big man. This could allow Gunther, who is challenging for the Championship this week, to win big.

Jinder Mahal and Ricochet could then move on to a non-title feud, which may even allow the latter to turn heel. Shanky is clearly a very popular star right now with his dancing gimmick, and he could become a beloved babyface.

#1. Sami Zayn offers to take Riddle out

Equation A: The weaselly Sami Zayn is trying his best to be included in the most dominant faction on the WWE SmackDown brand – The Bloodline.

Equation B: The Bloodline is at odds with Riddle, who is incensed with Roman Reigns and his cousins.

Equation C: Paul Heyman is a living, breathing genius and can play people like puppets.

Add the three equations, and you have a possible scenario for Friday night. Could Sami Zayn blindside Riddle and enter into a heated feud with the man? Fans will have to tune in to SmackDown to find out.


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