ami Zayn questions WWE’s past booking of female star

Sami Zayn cannot understand why WWE booked Alicia Fox so inconsistently at times during her career.

Fox worked for WWE between 2006 and 2019, during which time she won the Divas Championship and starred in three seasons of Total Divas. She often switched between performing as a babyface and a heel in WWE, causing confusion as to whether fans should cheer or boo.

Speaking on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast, Zayn mentioned Fox when discussing the importance of logical wrestling storylines.

“This was a thing with the girls a few years ago,” Zayn said. “It’s gotten much better now. But I remember, especially on house shows, one week the girls would be good guys and the next they’re bad guys. Or even on TV, Alicia Fox would be a good guy one week and then a bad guy one week. How can you as a fan latch on when there’s that inconsistency?”

WWE Hall of Famer and current AEW commentator Jim Ross recently ran into Fox in Jacksonville, Florida. He said the 35-year-old, who has battled alcoholism in the past, looks great and has been sober for three years.

Sami Zayn explains what he needs as a wrestling viewer

In 2021, Sami Zayn’s villainous persona became convinced that WWE was conspiring against him following his Intercontinental Championship loss to Big E.

The SmackDown star believes his character’s theories made sense to viewers who had witnessed the storyline from the beginning. However, using Fox’s past booking as an example, he thinks some WWE attitude changes require more of an explanation.’v

“It’s just inconsistency, I need to know what’s going on,” Zayn continued. “And when you’re acting a certain way, I need to kind of know why you’re acting that way.”

Zayn recently became an honorary member of Roman Reigns’ Bloodline faction. He joined forces with The Usos in a losing effort against Riddle and The Street Profits on the May 23 episode of RAW.

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