New details on Vince McMahon’s attitude after Naomi and Sasha Banks’ WWE walkout

Corey Graves has provided details about his interaction with Vince McMahon shortly after Naomi and Sasha Banks dramatically walked out of WWE RAW.

The two superstars left the arena on May 16 after a major disagreement about the direction of their storylines. McMahon initially booked both women in a six-pack challenge match in the main event, so their exit forced him to quickly alter the script.

Graves, who commentates on RAW, revealed on his After The Bell podcast that he shared a joke with the WWE Chairman when he returned backstage.

“There was a few weeks back, and you’ll know what I’m alluding to, when things changed in a very drastic manner on Monday Night RAW,” Graves said. “And I walked back through the curtain and I walked up to our fearless leader, and he had a grin on his face. ‘Hey, it’s live TV, nothing can go wrong, right?’ And he just laughed and shook my hand and went about his business.”

Following Naomi and Sasha Banks’ walkout, McMahon nixed the six-pack challenge idea and booked a match between Asuka and Becky Lynch instead. Graves and this week’s podcast guest, SmackDown star Sami Zayn, agreed that their boss “secretly loves the chaos” of live television.

Latest rumors about Naomi and Sasha Banks’ WWE situation

The former Women’s Tag Team Champions have not yet publicly commented on their controversial walkout. According to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, people in WWE have “not heard of much, if any, communication between the two sides.” He added that the company has canceled all upcoming travel plans for Banks and Naomi

Regarding the Women’s Tag Team Championship, Sapp reported that several backstage figures did not want the titles to be vacated. However, WWE higher-ups felt they were left with no other choice.

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