Watch: Alexa Bliss raps Eminem’s iconic song Killshot, claims she likes to sing it 5 times a week

Alexa Bliss has taken to social media to share an interesting fact regarding herself.

The former RAW Women’s Champion claimed that she likes to rap Eminem’s iconic song ‘Killshot’ at least 5 times a week.

“Fun fact – I rap @Eminem “kill shot” at least 5 times a week – & if you know me, you know that it really may be more than that lol”

Check out her tweet below:

“Welp here’s the proof- thanks Twitter”

Check out Alexa Bliss’s tweet below and her rapping Eminem’s Killshot in the clip below:

‘Killshot’ is a diss track that was produced by Eminem in response to Machine Gun Kelly’s ‘Rap Devil’.

MGK’s song was produced after Eminem initially dissed him on his track ‘Not Alike’ from his album Kamikaze.

The WWE Universe reacts to Alexa Bliss singing Killshot

The WWE Universe gave props to Alexa Bliss for rapping Eminem’s Killshot. Fans even asked her to rap ‘The Real Slim Shady’ and ‘Rap God’

Here are some of the replies:

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