Former WWE producer talks about the frustrations of pitching ideas to Vince McMahon

Former WWE producer Dan Ryckert recently spoke about how his enthusiasm for his job slowly faded each time Vince McMahon forgot or declined his creative pitches.

Ryckert worked for WWE for two years, where his primary role was producing various podcasts for the company, most notably The New Day’s.

During his most recent twitch stream, Ryckert stated how waiting for McMahon to most likely reject many of his ideas sapped a lot of his enthusiasm for the job:

“There was a lot of pitching, a lot of brainstorming. It was tough because it’s, like, how many times over two and a half years can you sit in these long-a*s brainstorming meetings coming up with a bunch of good ideas that you know are good and that you know that people will listen to? And people around you, the people on your team going, ‘Yeah it’s a good idea.’ … But because you’re just waiting for an old guy up top to look at something and he never does, or he does and he forgets about it, and you never get to do it. So, kind of hard to get that enthusiasm up for brainstorming two and a half years in.” (H/T: Wrestling Inc)

Ryckert’s depiction of his work life in WWE may not surprise fans, as Vince is known to decline many creative ideas put in front of him over the years.

Vince McMahon originally rejected a pitch that has now come into fruition

With many producers working under the WWE Chairman, most ideas and storylines pitched to Vince McMahon rarely get the green light.

According to a source within WWE, in January 2022, McMahon rejected a pitch for Finn Balor to change his character to a far more villainous persona:

“There was a pitch to make him heel but that was weeks ago and I haven’t heard much about it since then. Vince never saw Finn as more than just a mid-card guy. Heyman would’ve pushed him to the moon but Vince just never saw it.” (H/T: Wrestling News)

Despite Vince’s original perception of Balor, it seems he has now changed his mind as Finn recently turned heel and joined Judgment Day.

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