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Despite being absent from WWE’s weekly programming, former RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks was spotted at the Newsom Eye Center for a surgery.

For those unaware, Banks and Naomi shocked the wrestling world due to their walkout from the May 16 edition of RAW. The Boss has not posted anything on her social media handles since the incident. She even unfollowed several WWE personalities on Twitter.

Sasha Banks was recently featured in an Instagram clip shared by the ophthalmology center, Newsom Eye. She referred to herself by her real name, stating that she was having difficulty with her eyesight which required eye surgery.

“Wassup everyone? [sic] I am Mercedes Varnado and I’m here at Newsom Eyes getting my new eyes and I can’t wait. And apparently, I need them because look at my sticker, guys I put them upside down, yeah, so I can’t see, so I cannot wait to get my Newsom eyes, so I can see right, here we go, here we go. See you guys after surgery!” (00:01 – 00:22)

Check out the video below:

Banks is receiving photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) surgery. As described in the caption, it is an “alternative for those who might not be candidates for LASIK and is especially good for those involved in high-impact sports.”

Sasha Banks was spotted at a concert shortly after RAW walkout

This is not the first time the former tag team champion has been spotted following the walkout on RAW. A few days after the incident, a fan shared a tweet where The Boss was seen having fun at a Steve Aoki concert.

Since the walkout, the tag team titles of Naomi and Sasha have been vacated. Their merchandise is also removed from WWE’s website. There is no confirmation about when and if the stars will return to the promotion.

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