Update on WWE’s reported plans to replace Sasha Banks

Recently, Andrew Zarian of The Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast revealed the current backstage perception of Sasha Banks after she departed from WWE.

Zarian said Sasha Banks is seen as someone replaceable who can be ‘cloned.’ Based on the reported backstage views of her absence, it’s believed that Banks’ spot can be filled by any other competitor, much like a role a different person can play.

Last month, Banks, alongside her partner Naomi, placed their tag team titles on John Laurinaitis’ desk and walked out of RAW. Multiple reports suggested some dispute over the booking decision, and the champions had reservations. Later that week on SmackDown, Michael Cole announced on behalf of WWE that Banks & Naomi’s actions disappointed millions, and they had been suspended indefinitely.

On a recent episode of The Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast, Zarian discussed the current backstage viewpoint on Banks’ absence and her value to the company:

“In their minds, they could clone Sasha with somebody else and have her fit that role, and no problem. It’s now a role you’re playing. It’s a role with mid-level actors. Everybody’s a mid-level actor, except for a Roman Reigns, or a Brock Lesnar, or a Cody Rhodes. Those guys are the stars.” (H/T: Sescoops)

Recent reports suggest WWE has released Sasha Banks

First reported by Raj Giri of WrestlingInc. Sasha Banks was released by WWE yesterday. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com later shared his information regarding the report and said while he hadn’t heard anything of the sort thus far, he believes Giri has reliable sources.

Sapp further said he hasn’t been able to confirm the report, and if the release has happened, then it has been done quietly:

With some uncertainty surrounding the report of The Boss’ release, it’ll be interesting to see whether Banks returns to WWE soon.

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