Could Sami Zayn ever be the WWE Universal Champion?

Perhaps no performer in WWE today has been more versatile than Sami Zayn. Since his call-up to the main roster, he’s been both a sympathetic babyface and a downright scoudrel. Along with seemingly everything in between.

Zayn signed with WWE in 2013, after years on the indie scene as the masked El Generico. The promotion must have seen more in him than just that character, because after he arrived they had him drop the mask and assume the name ‘Sami Zayn’.

The other thing the folks in the developmental system encouraged Zayn to do is center his focus on his promos and talk more. And boy oh boy… did he ever cut loose from there.

Zayn went from a character who didn’t speak to one of the finest orators in all sports entertainment. He’s frequently matched wits on the mic with other WWE promo professionals like The Miz, Paul Heyman and Kevin Owens. In almost every possible scenario, the Canadian star is able to hold his own, or even best his verbal opposition.

This isn’t to discount Zayn as an in-ring performer, either. He’s changed his style a bit and slowed down the pace now as he has gotten older. However, that only helped him become a better physical storyteller in his matches. And at 37, it’s also a smart move as far as his longevity is concerned.

Zayn is an established veteran now. Despite the fact that his ‘locker room leader’ persona on SmackDown is considered a joke part of his angle with The Bloodline, a lot of that rings true. Zayn is truly a guy that younger stars are learning from. And given his experience, knowledge and depth of talent? He’s got a lot of lessons to offer.

Given his hard work and dedication to the promotion, could we ever see Sami Zayn win the WWE Universal Championship?

It’s not completely far-fetched to think that the WWE Superstar might get a run on top in the next few years. After all, nothing is out of the realm of possibility when it comes to the world of sports entertainment.

For example, if you had told your average fan just 5 years ago that Jinder Mahal, Kofi Kingston and Big E would all win the WWE Championship someday, they would have laughed in your face. They may have even made a few phone calls to have you committed.

But lo and behold, it happened. The same thing could happen for Sami Zayn as well. For all we know, the wheels might already be turning on that plan. The veteran is very prominent on SmackDown and even made some appearances on RAW recently as well. His profile, while already established, continues to grow as he is surrounded by champions and future Hall of Famers.

For all this to work, it would definitely have to be the right time and place, and it would likely have to follow a huge babyface turn. He would have to go on a hot streak, with the fans really pushing him along.

We’ve already had a taste of Kofi-Mania. But what about an extra tall glass of Sami-Mania?


There would be no real harm in giving someone of Zayn’s caliber the Universal Championship for a brief run. Critics and observers typically hate the term ‘you deserve it’ in professional wrestling. But this time it would ring true. Zayn truly has EARNED IT. Through his hard work, loyalty and versatility.

He’s played just about every role WWE has ever asked him to. Hopefully some day, they will ask him to portray the guy wearing the gold.

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