3 directions for Riddle after losing to Roman Reigns

Riddle challenged Roman Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship on Smackdown. The Original Bro put up a valiant fight but ultimately fell to The Tribal Chief, who defeated him after connecting with a spear in mid-air. As per the stipulation put in place by Paul Heyman on RAW, The Stallion can never challenge for the Championship again while Reigns is champion.

With the world championships out of reach for the former RK-Bro member, it is unclear what the future holds for him. With his tag team partner possibly out for the rest of the year and his singles career hitting a storyline snag, The Original Bro is in a tricky spot. Despite all this, his incredible popularity will make his next direction exciting, no matter what direction the company chooses to take.

Without further ado, let’s explore three possible directions awaiting the former RAW Tag Team Champion.

#3 Riddle can revisit his tag team with Shinsuke Nakamura

Since Riddle lost his tag team partner Randy Orton, he has been mostly active as a singles star. However, he has occasionally found himself outnumbered when coming up against The Usos. Coming to the Original Bro’s rescue was another superstar with a grudge against the faction: Shinsuke Nakamura.

The King Of Strong Style and The Stallion both lost their partners against the Unified Tag Team Champions. Hence, they can use their shared motivation to mount a title challenge against the Day Ones. The chemistry and charisma shared between the pair suggests that they would make a formidable and popular team.

#2 Riddle can continue his singles career away from The Bloodline

The Original Bro has huge babyface momentum
The Original Bro has huge babyface momentum

Riddle has been embroiled in a compelling rivalry against The Bloodline since the post-WrestleMania season. This feud against the biggest heel faction in WWE has elevated him into one of the biggest faces in the company. The Stallion can capitalize on his momentum as a singles competitor by engaging in a high-profile feud.

The Original Bro has already had promising interactions with heels such as Ciampa and The Miz. These can be fleshed out and explored properly to a fitting conclusion. Alternatively, potential bouts against Theory and Gunther for the United States or Intercontinental Championships would excite the WWE Universe.

#1 Riddle can enter the Money In The Bank ladder match

The Stallion has been in the MITB ladder match before
The Stallion has been in the MITB ladder match before

Riddle is not yet booked for WWE Money In The Bank 2022, which is around the corner. Roughly two weeks away from the premium live event, three male superstars have qualified for the titular ladder match. Three more participants will be revealed in the coming days, of which The Original Bro could be a part.

Due to his loss on SmackDown, the RK-Bro member cannot challenge for the Undisputed Universal title while Roman Reigns is champion. However, winning the briefcase would earn the former UFC fighter a guaranteed title shot down the road, adding extra intrigue to the story of Reigns’ eventual deposer. Even if The Stallion does not win the contract, he can sow the seeds for his next storyline during the ladder match.

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